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Feats of Strength: Ranked Preseason

Feats of Strength: Ranked Preseason

Throughout the Ranked Pre-season, Hero League and Team League players have ridden into battle countless times within the Nexus, accumulating tons of takedowns, and destroying many cores in the process. With Heroes of the Storm’s first official Ranked Season set to begin next week, we felt the time was right to celebrate the accomplishments of some of our most dedicated —and skilled— players in the Ranked community in the Americas* region.

Hero League


Most Hero League wins as a solo-player

BattleTag Total Wins
TogaYogi 2298
Bnetplayer 2187
Jyggalag 2124
moodyrooster 2084
BEX 2070


Most Hero League wins as a two-player party

BattleTag Total Wins
mOjo 785
- -
EKevin 712


Player with the highest average Assists

BattleTag Assist Average
BalaDeOuro 16.74
Jleshka 16.70
Satanorz 16.59
Minnata 16.56
StealthWave 16.55


Most consecutive days with at least one win

BattleTag Total Wins
KingSlayer 150
Sm0ke 144
BlaimTheTank 139
Kuddlesberg 133
Xplicit 121


At least one win with the largest number of heroes*

BattleTag # of Heroes Total Wins
Fresh 52 2020
jvelezc 52 1558
Dixo 52 1155
Jkerpz 52 1007
Prometheus 52 886

*Ordered by total Hero League games won.

Team League


Most wins as a five-player team

BattleTag Team Wins
Ramrod 284
- -
Jartman 219
- -
SirLeQuak 216
- -
Smaze 174

Hero Stats


Most Hero League wins as Gazlowe

BattleTag Total Wins
Grimm 885
Demolock 768
Furyon 631
Rufinazo 513
Titantus 483


Most Hero League wins as Murky

BattleTag Total Wins
Bicmat 721
Murky 618
Wyman 483
steinburg 435
Eman 398


Most Hero League wins as The Butcher

BattleTag Total Wins
szb4379 739
bizzarly 547
Ghosttripix 435
Flextcy 422
Angelrizer 410


Most played hero in Hero League, by Role

Role Hero
Assassin Kael'thas
Specialist Sylvanas
Support Li Li
Warrior Muradin


Heroes who are last-picked most often

Rank Hero Role
1 Malfurion Support
2 Li Li Support
3 Muradin Warrior
4 Valla Assassin
5 Jaina Assassin

Thank you to everyone who participated in Preseason competition, and congratulations to all of the players above on accomplishing these heroic Feats of Strength! We can’t wait to see what you achieve during the first official season of ranked play! What is your goal during Season 1? Let us know in the comments below.

* Stats are currently still being compiled for regions outside of the Americas, and similar blogs will be posted for other regions around the world over the next few days.


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