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  1. What’s Playing in Late November
    Inside Blizzard
    Nov 18

    What’s Playing in Late November

    Frostmourne, the runeblade wielded by Warcraft’s Lich King, has consumed countless souls during the reign of Arthas Menethil. As the Lich King, Arthas was one of the greatest threats facing the heroes of Azeroth, but in the end, even his rule could not last forever. Kings rise, and kings fall; the in between is all that counts. If you’d like to make sure you never miss a gaming beat, we have just the blog for you.
  2. What’s Playing in Early November
    Inside Blizzard
    Oct 28

    What’s Playing in Early November

    No one loves delving deep into other people’s secrets more than Overwatch’s most famous hacker, Sombra. No firewall is too strong, no encryption too intricate to keep her out for long. If you have something to hide, you best pray that Sombra won’t take an interest, as the only way to beat this cybernetic vigilante at her own game is to spill the beans before she does. So, let’s pull back the curtain and see what’s next on our gaming calendar.
  3. What’s Playing in Late October
    Inside Blizzard
    Oct 14

    What’s Playing in Late October

    Marshall Jim Raynor, StarCraft’s backwater lawman turned reluctant interstellar war hero, knows a thing or two about plans, specifically about what happens when plans make contact with the enemy. Raynor has seen more action than most Terrans, and even though he’s seen the chaos of battle more times than he’d care for, he understands the value of going into battle with a plan. And if being prepared is your thing, this blog should help you lay out your gaming schedule for the rest of this month.
  4. What’s Playing in Early October
    Inside Blizzard
    Sep 30

    What’s Playing in Early October

    Among the angels of Diablo’s High Heavens, the tale of the Archangel Malthael serves as a dire warning of what may become of those who abandon wisdom in pursuit of single-minded zealotry. In his quest to end the Great Conflict by whatever means necessary, Malthael lost sight of the greater purpose, betrayed the High Heavens, and sealed his own fate. It’s important to stay mindful of the big picture and to never let your focus narrow so much that you miss what’s right in front of you. Luckily, we’ve got just the blog to help you keep track of everything that lies ahead!
  5. Season Six Battle Pass is Now Live
    Inside Blizzard
    Sep 29

    Season Six Battle Pass is Now Live

    We’re nearing All Hallows and the ghouls are out in force in the Season Six Battle Pass. Alongside the introduction of Operators Farah and Nikolai, unlock an array of horror themed content across 100 tiers. Here are some highlights:
  6. What’s Playing in Late September
    Inside Blizzard
    Sep 16

    What’s Playing in Late September

    Gelbin Mekkatorque, Warcraft’s king of the Gnomes and High Tinker of Gnomeregan, is arguably one of the most inventive minds active in Azeroth today. No design is too challenging, no schematic too complex for the gnomes’ beloved leader. Of course, Gelbin is a master planner and extraordinarily organized, so keeping track of everything going is as easy as breathing for him. But the rest of us can use a little help every once in a while to remind us of the big happenings on our gaming calendars.