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  1. Season 4 Patch Notes
    Warcraft Rumble
    Mar 5

    Season 4 Patch Notes

    The Voodoo is comin’ to Warcraft Rumble in Season 4. Check out this season's news and the changes coming to rewards, Daily Offers and quests.
  2. Patch Notes for Update 3.0.0.
    Warcraft Rumble
    Dec 19

    Patch Notes for Update 3.0.0.

    Dive into double the chaos in Update 3.0.0 and Season 2 with our latest Beast Troop, Chimaera! Check out our latest PvP map, Arathi Basin, and two new emotes. We've increased Leader Honor in PvP, the number of Mini copies earned from PvP Honor rewards, and made some adjustments to Leaders, Talents and Arclight Surge.