Recent News

  1. Twist is NOW LIVE!
    Sep 1

    Twist is NOW LIVE!

    Hearthstone’s newest Mode, Twist, is now live for its first official season, featuring the new Wonders format!
  2. 27.2 Patch Notes
    Aug 17

    27.2 Patch Notes

    Patch 27.2 brings Battlegrounds Season 5, the launch of Twist, the new Caverns of Time special expansion for Wild and Twist, and more!
  3. TITANS is Now Live!
    Aug 1

    TITANS is Now Live!

    Hearthstone’s newest expansion awakens now! With iconic characters and powerful new cards, you can Forge your own myths and makers for every class
  4. 26.4 Patch Notes
    May 30

    26.4 Patch Notes

    Patch 26.4, launching May 31, includes Audiopocalypse, the new Festival of Legends Mini-Set, updates to Battlegrounds and Duels, and more!
  5. 26.2 Patch Notes
    May 8

    26.2 Patch Notes

    Patch 26.2 launches Battlegrounds Season 4, featuring a new hero, keyword adjustments, and tons of new minions!