StarCraft II

BWC – The Gosu Trophy

BWC – The Gosu Trophy

Hundreds of players entered the StarCraft II World Championship Series. Months of training and competition have whittled the field down to 32 finalists, but in the end, only one will remain standing. Achieving such a feat in eSports deserves proper recognition.

Conceived and designed by Blizzard Entertainment's talented artists, the massive Gosu Trophy is modeled after the Xel'naga Artifact, an item of immense power which was a focal point in the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty campaign. A trio of these artifacts, each adorned with the racial crests of protoss, terran, and zerg, form the centerpiece of the trophy.

The Gosu Trophy pictured above will reside at Blizzard Headquarters, displaying the names of world champions, and those winners will be awarded a commemorative version of the trophy to keep (pictured below).


The term "gosu" is a Korean word which refers to a person of great skill. In the early days of StarCraft eSports and competition, the term became popularized and synonymous with the very best players. The word has since transcended its Korean roots and is globally recognized by the StarCraft community. The most skilled and competitive pro gamers, the true "gosu," will have their names etched onto this trophy, and memorialized in eSports history.

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