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StarCraft II is Turning 10—Celebrate With Us!

StarCraft II is Turning 10—Celebrate With Us!

Ten years isn’t terribly long in Supercarrier-crossing-the-galaxy time. But here on Earth, it’s pretty significant—10 years of playing, developing, and straight-up loving StarCraft II. The decade has spanned 3 full titles, more than a hundred major tournaments, and countless custom maps and mods. Those are some milestones worthy of celebration.

If you want to join us in looking back and looking ahead, we’ve got a few plans:

Patch 5.0: We’re rolling out a ton of updates to StarCraft II, among them Galaxy Map Editor improvements to make campaign maps easier to create, new campaign achievements that’ll unlock a ghostly new announcer, and new prestige talents for every co-op commander.

War Chest Team League: Nine teams, each captained by a pro caster approaching their announcing duties with unprecedented skin in the game. Matches in the War Chest Team League 6 Tournament have begun. If you want to encourage some new blood to join the fray, StarCraft II is on sale right now!

New Announcer: White-Ra: log in to StarCraft II between 7/27 and 8/10 to unlock a new announcer—the protoss-playing mastermind White-Ra—for free.

New Short Stories: We’ll be releasing a series of new short stories set in StarCraft’s Koprulu Sector—one focused on each race—beginning with "One People, One Purpose" by Alex Acks.

The Best Games of Competitive StarCraft II Esports: members of the StarCraft II development team will recount high-flying moments, personal faves, and unforgettable upsets from the last decade in StarCraft II esports.

We wouldn’t have been able to make Wings of Liberty, Heart of the Swarm, Legacy of the Void, and Nova: Covert Ops without the passion and support you’ve shown the game (and us) since day one. Thank you for <3ing SCII as much as we do.


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