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New Ladder Maps for Season 1, 2018

New Ladder Maps for Season 1, 2018

We have seven new maps that are being added to the first season of 2018. Starting today, these maps are available to preview in custom melee games and will be live on the ladder once Season 1 starts on January 23.

Abiogenesis is a rush-style map.  Players can plan for early attacks and then transition into a more economic strategy in the later stages of matches.

Acid Plant is a standard-style map and is set in an overgrown chemical plant.  There are many different options for expansion patterns past the nearest expansion, allowing for varied strategies

Backwater is a macro-style map that features a “pocket” third base that can only be accessed from behind the natural mineral line.  The map is split by a sunken section of swampy waters, separating the north and south sides of the map for each player.

Eastwatch is a standard-style map and it allows several types of gameplay with a focus on tactical maneuvers to overcome your opponent.

You and your ally start in relatively safe positions with only one main pathway to your enemies and defensible expansions. As things progress you will need to keep an eye on the destructible rocks to keep your bases safe.

The distance to your enemies is short, so be prepared to defend yourself. The narrow mountain passes can be used to ambush your enemies, but can also prove to be treacherous if you are spotted.

The main base is shared but there are four small ramp entrances to the area. Work together with your allies to keep an eye on enemy forces at the various openings. Also, coordinate your attacks against multiple ramps at once or consolidate your efforts into one area for victory.

With these additions, we will be removing Abyssal Reef LE, Odyssey LE, Ascension to Aiur LE, and Battle on the Boardwalk LE. This will be the final ladder list for Season 1, 2018:

  • Abiogenesis LE
  • Backwater LE
  • Acid Plant LE
  • Eastwatch LE
  • Blackpink LE
  • Neon Violet Square LE
  • Catalyst LE

We’re looking forward to another year of competitive StarCraft II. After you've played a few games on them, let us know what you think by posting on our forums.

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