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Patch 3.17 Preview: Dehaka Announcer

Patch 3.17 Preview: Dehaka Announcer

Dehaka believes that you must continuously evolve and adapt to stay on top—so who better than him to encourage you to push yourself and become the best StarCraft II player you can? Dehaka is coming to show that he has the potential to excel at everything, including being an Announcer!

In Patch 3.17.0, Dehaka will not only be available as the newest Co-op Commander—the Primal Zerg will also be invading your ears whenever you’re low on resources. Here are a few samples of the Dehaka Announcer in action.

With the release of Patch 3.17.0, you’ll be able to charge into battle with the Primal Pack leader watching your back. You’ll find him, plus all our other awesome Announcers, in the Collection tab. Or you can purchase the Dehaka Master Bundle which includes the Commander and the Announcer for a discount.

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