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Join us June 21 for the Overwatch 2: Invasion Reveal Livestream

Join us June 21 for the Overwatch 2: Invasion Reveal Livestream

Last week, we announced Overwatch 2: Invasion, including Invasion Story Missions coming August 10.  We want to show you more of what's in store for our all-new adventure and biggest season yet; this Wednesday, Matt "Mr. X" Morello will be joined by Overwatch 2 developers Kim Horn, Dion Rogers, Daniel McGowan, and Aaron Keller as they showcase gameplay from some of these missions for the very first time. Watch it live on June 21 on twitch.tv/playoverwatch.

  • We’ll be taking a closer look at Invasion Story Missions, where Overwatch’s past heroes will team up with a new generation of fighters in three action-packed missions across different cities around the world.
  • Find out what the new Co-Op Event: King’s Row – Underworld brings and how it will challenge you in ways you haven’t encountered before, including new enemies, new objectives, and playing in ways you won’t find in a PVP match.
  • We’ll also take a deep dive into Hero Mastery mode, exploring how you can sharpen your skills in hero-specific designed training courses that will test even top-ranked players.
  • You’ll also get a first look into our new player progression system which will allow you to track your achievements and milestones with your favorite heroes.
  • Finally, we’ll be going deep on Overwatch 2’s new core PVP game mode: Flashpoint, which features fast-paced team fights and Overwatch 2’s biggest maps to-date. We’ll be revealing the locations and backstories of the two premiere maps for Flashpoint, along with a feature exhibition match.

Are you ready to answer the call? The Overwatch 2: Invasion Reveal livestream airs Wednesday, June 21, at 11:00 AM PDT on twitch.tv/playoverwatch.

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