Heroes of the Storm

Behold the Power of the Dark Nexus!

Behold the Power of the Dark Nexus!

An ancient evil has emerged from the forgotten darkness, manifesting itself in forms that are familiar, and yet… twisted. What you see before you are reflections of the heroes and villains they seek to emulate—avatars who know only contempt and wield utter chaos. Behold the power of the Dark Nexus!

Dark Nexus Skins and Mounts

New Dark Nexus skins and mounts have surfaced in Heroes of the Storm! Avatars of Alarak and Gul’dan stand ready to bring unrelenting destruction to all who stand before them. Preview each of the new skins and mounts below, and then head in-game to bring their primordial power into your collection.

Dark Nexus Alarak Skins (Epic)

Dark Nexus Gul'dan Skins (Epic)

Dark Nexus Hound Mount (Legendary)

Dark Nexus Manta Mount (Epic)

Dark Nexus Bundle

Embrace the promises of the Dark Nexus by adding this massive limited-time bundle to your collection. Be warned: this dark bargain is fleeting, and the bundle will return to the shadows on May 14.

Heroes Skins Mounts
Alarak Dark Nexus Alarak Dark Nexus Manta
Gul'dan Forgotten Dark Nexus Alarak Corrosive Dark Nexus Manta
Shattered Dark Nexus Alarak Entropic Dark Nexus Manta
Dark Nexus Gul’dan Dark Nexus Hound
Cataclysmic Dark Nexus Gul’dan Ancient Dark Nexus Hound
Eldritch Dark Nexus Gul’dan Sadistic Dark Nexus Hound

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