Heroes of the Storm

Brawl With The Blues: Custom Games

Brawl With The Blues: Custom Games

It’s been a couple of weeks since the latest patch and we’d like to take some time and play Heroes of the Storm with you! Join us over at Twitch.tv/blizzheroes on Thursday, February 26th at 11:00 a.m. PST to meet some of our community members and catch a few matches played live on stream. This episode, joining us will be:

The community members above will join Trikslyr in-game to brawl it out in the Nexus. Our very own Spyrian will also be on hand to collect your questions from Twitter and the Twitch chat, and field them to the players to get their answers live on the air. For this show, we’ll be focusing on having a good time and playing games in Custom Mode. We’ll bring back some of our favorite ways to play:

  • Auto Select Match
  • Twitch chooses Heroes

We look forward to playing the matches with you. Comment below if there are any particular heroes you’d like the players to select during the matches. We’ll see you there!

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