Monsanto’s Boomsday Deck Designs

Monsanto’s Boomsday Deck Designs

As the competitive meta in The Boomsday Project begins to take shape, we asked Team Genji’s Jérôme “Monsanto” Faucher to give us his ideas for a lineup of decks he’d tinker with. Monsanto brewed these ideas up in the run-up to the launch of Boomsday, and we’ve already seen similar ideas make a splash in tournaments like HCT Germany. Check them out below!

An immediately popular idea as the new Boomsday Druid cards were revealed, Monsanto’s take on Malygos Druid uses Juicy Psychmelon to guarantee Dreampetal Florist and Malygos find their way into his hand, and then Faceless Manipulator and Flobbidinous Floop ensure there will be plenty of Spell Damage to go around.

“Dreampetal Florist can reduce the cost of Malygos, Flobbidinous Floop, or Faceless Manipulator—it doesn’t really matter which,” Monsanto explains. A reduced-cost Malygos is optimal, but getting a free Faceless Manipulator or Flobbidinous Floop will still get the job done.

The only drawback, Monsanto notes, is running into Warrior or Druid decks that can build up enough Armor to prevent the burst combo from working. But that, too, can be dealt with, he says: “If the meta is Armor-heavy, you can go back to a version that uses The Lich King and Alexstrasza.”

I will hunt you down! Monsanto is looking to unleash both hounds and bombs with intense early game in this Aggro Hunter deck list, featuring a handful of ways to develop Goblin Bombs—and cards like Goblin Prank and Wargear to help set them off.

“Hunter’s direct-damage reach has never been this high,” Monsanto says. “I’m expecting this deck to be very powerful. Steady Shot and extra burn is scary.” He’s looking particularly at the skill-testing risk his opponents have to take in either choosing to set off Goblin Bombs on themselves, or leaving those Mech bodies up to be targets for Magnetic minions or Goblin Pranks.

Priest has always excelled at turning otherwise not-so-scary minions into big threats. “A lot of Mechs have very Health-efficient stats,” Monsanto says. “This makes them very good in a deck like Inner Fire Priest.”

He likes the ability to turn safe 2-Cost minions like Unpowered Mauler or Upgradeable Framebot into more significant damage using Bronze Gatekeeper or Extra Arms while you wait for the critical spells (Divine Spirit and Inner Fire) to show up. “The point of the deck is to be very aggressive,” Monsanto adds.

There are some extra combinations available here to really push value: Lady in White makes a lot of these minions immediately more powerful, and Meat Wagon being able to fish up a big Unpowered Steambot if Lady in White hasn’t shown up yet. Meat Wagon is itself a Mech, too, and eligible to receive all those Magnetic upgrades!

There’s no way this list would be complete without a Mecha’thun deck. “In order to make a Mecha’thun deck work, you need to assemble a deck that can cycle really fast and play every single card as quickly as possible,” Monsanto says. “The combo is: with 10 or more Armor, play The Boomship to summon Mecha’thun for 9 Mana, then Shield Slam it after using every other card in the deck to win the game instantly.”

It looks like a ton of fun, but Monsanto warns that Skulking Geist—which destroys 1-Cost spells in both players’ hands and decks—totally invalidates this game plan.


That’s it! Kudos to Monsanto for taking the time to supply us with these four competitive deck ideas. Have you stumbled upon a deck list you think is tournament-worthy yourself? Share it with us in the comments!

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