HCT Pros Tell Us Which Witchwood Cards They’re Most Excited About

HCT Pros Tell Us Which Witchwood Cards They’re Most Excited About

The Witchwood is upon us, coming right alongside the commencement of a new Hearthstone Year. At this moment of great upheaval, we polled some of your favorite competitive Hearthstone players about their favorite cards from the new set. Some of their answers may surprise you!

hunterace – Glinda Crowskin

Always eager for new tools to set up combo decks, Casper “hunterace” Notto is particularly excited about Glinda Crowskin. “Imagine this with Meat Wagon and Summoning Portals,” he says. “All minions having Echo—there’s so much power there.”

Glinda-Crowskin (1).png

RDU – Chameleos

Dima “RDU” Radu loves the hand-revealing Chameleos above all. “It’s my favorite because it brings a cool new mechanic that can provide a competitive advantage to any deck that runs it,” he says. “It offers you a lot of information, but there will also be a turn where it gives you a super good play.”

Chameleos (1).png

Orange – Countess Ashmore

Jon “Orange” Westberg‘s fondness for The Curator—which enabled a bonanza of card draw in the right decks—knows no bounds. As a result, he’s all-in on Countess Ashmore. “Curator was one of my favorite cards ever,” Orange says. “Countess has even more flexibility, because it can get spells or weapons as well!”

Countless-Ashmore (1).png

DrJikininki – Mossy Horror

An admirer of exceptional artwork, Jace “DrJikininki” Garthright chose Mossy Horror on the strength of its presentation alone. “The artwork and sounds are incredible, on top of the fact that I love his removal effect.”

Mossy-Horror (1).png

Raven – Darius Crowley

Stay tuned for a deeper dive into Alexander “Raven” Baguley’s thoughts on the new Hearthstone Year. For now, Raven is content to share his thoughts on the Warrior legendary, Darius Crowley.

“You can play him quite regularly,” Raven says. “There are lots of ways to draw Rush minions, too, so he feels like a lot of fun to include in a deck.”

Darius-Crowley (1).png

What’s your favorite card from The Witchwood? Are there other pros whose opinion you’d like to hear? Let us know in the comments!

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