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New Co-op Mission: Cradle of Death

New Co-op Mission: Cradle of Death

Dominion forces sent their ghost operative, Stone, to investigate a Moebius Corps installation near several colony worlds. What he found was a massive battle station secured by mysterious technology. With further scouting, he realized that the xel'naga artifacts hidden within the station can cause its systems to malfunction—resulting in spectacular explosions. However, Stone will need assistance from commanders and their armies to help transport all of the artifacts. If he fails, the battle station will fire on the colony worlds—ensuring their total destruction.

Cradle of Death is an all new Co-op Mission coming with the release of Patch 4.4.0. We wanted to give you a preview of the mission, which  is an adaptation of one of the top-placing entries of our Co-op edition of Rock the Cabinet. Inspired by the original work of Justin “TheSkunk” Purdy, Cradle of Death challenges you to disable a battle station by overloading its systems with xel’naga artifacts. Unique to this mission is your ability to control the vehicles that you have to escort into heavily fortified bases. Once both commanders deploy the artifact trucks, a chain reaction will occur, resulting in a massive explosion, wiping out anything in the area. Make sure to clear your army out in time!

Of course, Amon won’t make things easy for you. Not only will he launch attacks against your base, he’ll directly target your vehicles while doing so. Periodically, units will rain down near your trucks and attempt to destroy them, and giant, indestructible constructs will block your path and deal massive damage to units who come too close. Fortunately, your artifact truck has the power to disable the constructs’ weapons and make them vulnerable to attack.

Cradle of Death is now live in Patch 4.4.0. You’ll also be able to enjoy the balance changes for Nova, Kerrigan, and Zagara. Good luck, Commanders!

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