StarCraft II

Patch 4.0: Part and Parcel

Patch 4.0: Part and Parcel

Earlier this year, we asked our modding community to use the StarCraft II editor to create their own Co-op missions. Not only did the 1st place winner walk away with $10,000, but they were promised their map would be adapted into the official Co-op Mission rotation. With Patch 4.0, we are proud to fulfil that promise.

When recreating Part and Parcel, we wanted to do our best to stay true to the original map as much as possible. The mechanics of scrapping objects on the map to rebuild a war machine and hunting down a supply train as a bonus objective are still a core aspect of the map. We moved around the locations of the expansions and the train but those who played the original will find our version very familiar.

However, instead of using these parts to construct an Archangel and destroy Death Shards, you’ll be assisting the loving and patient General Davis to construct her secret weapon, the Balius, and use it to take down Hybrids designed by the Mobius Corps.

Part and Parcel will join our Co-op missions with the release of Patch 4.0. We’re excited to bring Buswolley’s creation to more players and we look forward to hearing your thoughts on it. Good luck, Commanders.

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