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Patch 4.0: Han and Horner Commander

Patch 4.0: Han and Horner Commander

Starting with Patch 4.0, Matt and Mira's rather serendipitous relationship comes full-force onto the battlefields of Co-op Missions as they take the field together in combat. Although their matrimony may have been somewhat accidental, their destructive capabilities are quite the opposite; both Matt and Mira wield a host of devastating implements, which you can unleash with skill and precision to ensure the destruction of your foes. Below, we've put together a guide on what you can expect when you play the duo Mira Han and Matt Horner Commander.

Design Philosophy

As we took a look at the long-awaited Matt Horner, Dominion Fleet Admiral, we couldn’t help but think back to his relationship with Mira Han. While Horner has a lot of epic moments in his career, his interactions with Mira Han held a special place in our hearts. Matt Horner unknowingly won Mira Han’s hand in marriage in a poker game, and was forced to marry her. She is way more into it than he is, and while he’s been reluctant to deal with her, they have always found success together. . . well at least in relation to inter-galactic combat situations. Doing both characters gave us a unique opportunity to incorporate two different playstyles into one commander.


Matthew Horner is all about precision and power. His dominion units have strong stats and can get called down anywhere just like Nova’s. On the other hand, Mira Han’s units are reckless and explosive, and can be built and reinforced quickly in the middle of a fight. Their top-bar powers are no different in reflecting their personalities: Matt Horner supplies a host of tactical firepower, while Mira Han deploys mines and space stations rigged to self-destruct. To optimize, you must take advantage of both styles to ensure that you are both utilizing both of their strengths, while covering each of their weaknesses.

Hero Abilities

Mira Han Abilities

Mag Mines
Mag Mines
Unleash devastating explosives on unsuspecting foes!

Space Station Reallocation
Space Station Reallocation
Send a space station back to where it came from, along with any unfortunate enemies accompanying it.

Matt Horner Abilities

Precision Strike
Precision Strike
Deal targeted heavy damage with the Horner's bombing squadrons.

Call in the Fleet
Call in the Fleet
For a short time, unleash the full power of Matt Horner's fleet as they rain destruction down from the sky.

Unit Arsenal

Ground Units


A classic hit-and-run tactical unit. Can be upgraded to enable temporary flight.

Widow Mine

Landmine-type unit which attacks when enemies get close. Can be upgraded to deal bonus damage on death.


Fast unit which lobs explosive grenades. Can be upgraded to slow enemies, or grant bonuses to allies upon death.


Stoic damage-dealer which can be upgraded with a damage over time burn effect, as well as an effect which causes fear to enemies upon death.

Aerial Units


A cloaking attack unit. Can be upgraded to increase attack speed or gain tactical jump (warp) abilities.


A flying Anti-air powerhouse which can be upgraded to deal extra burst damage or gain tactical jump abilities. Can transform to Assault Mode to extinguish any ground threats.


Terran behemoth of the skies. Excellent firepower versus both ground and aerial units. Can be upgraded to gain additional firepower that excels versus high-armor targets.


Powerful support unit which debuffs enemy units and detects invisible units. Can be upgraded to gain tactical jump capabilities.

(Weaponized) Buildings

Assault Galleon

Flying structure which can fire missiles and construct ground units.


The Horners

Units drop resources on death. Horner begins with an elite unit Starport.

Strike Fighter

Unlocks Strike Fighter Platform and Precision Strike ability.

Assault Galleon and Raven Upgrade Cache

Assault Galleon gains Hangar Bay upgrade. Raven's Analyze Weakness can target additional units.

Merc Upgrade Cache

Unlocks upgrades to increase effectiveness of Reapers and Widow Mines.

Call in the Fleet

Unlocks the Call in the Fleet ability to deal massive damage to enemy units in target area.


Mira's Unit Build and Research times are significantly reduced.

Dominion Starport Upgrade Cache

Unlocks upgrades to Wraith attack speed, and Viking Assault Mode attack

His and Hers Supply

Supply granted by Supply Depots dramatically increased.

Hellion and Hellbat Upgrade Cache

Unlocks upgrades which increase the combat effectiveness of Hellions and Hellbats.

Space Station Reallocation

Summon a space station at target location, dealing massive damage to Heroic units and instantly killing any non-heroic units.

Endurance Training

Horner's units regenerate health while out of combat.

Advanced Weaponry

Call in the Fleet gains substantially more powerful weaponry to increase damage output.

Fusion Core Upgrade Cache

Unlocks upgrades to the Battlecruiser and the Strike Fighter Platform's Precision Strike

Have a Blast

The Space Station Reallocation will now detonate a nuclear device upon its destruction.

Significant Others

Horner's units gain health per supply of Mira's units, while Mira's units gain attack speed for each supply of Horner's units.

Tips & Strategy

  • Mira Han’s production structure the “Assault Gallons” are also combat units. Early on they can help defend and even clear some enemies. She can support up to 5 of these ships so make sure to get them up and running as soon as possible. Once unlocked at level 3, they can also be equipped with a hanger bay and release assault drones.
  • Reapers cost no gas and are an excellent early defense, as well as a great option for clearing expansion rocks.
  • Mira’s Hellions do not have flame throwers, instead they deal bonus damage to armored targets!
  • Mag Mines are very powerful and can be used as defense or offensively if placed correctly. Be careful of the arming and targeting delay. Fast units may run past the mines. Be creative with the placement for maximum effectiveness.
  • Horner’s precision strike ability on the top bar cannot be used until Bomber Platforms are constructed from the SCV. He can field up to 10 strike fighters. With the low cooldown and bonus damage to structures, these Strike Fighters can do a lot of damage to enemy encampments. With good timing these Strike Fighters can also be used against incoming attacks. Be careful however, as using Strike Figthers recklessly or sending them too deep into enemy defenses will cost you; they have a long rebuild time if they are lost.
  • Once the Viking upgrade is unlocked at level 7, they can actually become a powerful ground splash option.
  • Weapon and Armor upgrades are found on the Armory. All units benefit from these upgrades, so a mix of infantry, ground, and air units, can be combined to create a composition that best fits the mission.
  • The level 15 progression upgrade 'Significant Other' gives powerful bonuses to you army if you balance Han and Horner units. They may have been at odds in the past, but you can get these two commanders to work together and be at their best!

Han and Horner will be available to play starting in Patch 4.0. Clearly, they've got everything under control. . . but we still wonder who you'd want to pair them up with! Oh, and after you've gotten a few games in with them, let us know who you think is tougher between the two of them by visiting the Forums!

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