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Community Vote: Pick The Next Game Portrait!

Community Vote: Pick The Next Game Portrait!

We’re adding a new community-selected portrait to the game in an upcoming patch.

That’s right! Rather than simply deciding for ourselves which one should be added, we’re leaving it up to you – our community members – to make the final call from these options:


Here is what you'll be choosing from!

View From Up Top

Are you ladder tested? Do you enjoy crushing your opponents and reveling in their despair? Well first, shame on you! Second, this may be the portrait for you. While others can identify themselves through the qualities and personalities of StarCraft characters, you don’t need any fluffy personality traits to show what you are about. You are competition personified, and a literal ladder is all you need. Show off your superiority by sporting the portrait that looks down on everything (and everyone) below.


Pew Pew Pink

Black, blue, gray – the chosen colors for most operatives. And the colors on the outfit of an elite operative should be as serious as their mission assignment. Or should they? Who says covert operatives can’t have a sense of fashion? The pink armor on this operative is both stylish and deadly! If you have a reputation for getting a job done in style, then this is the portrait for you!


Notice Me Grandmaster

The rosy cheeks, the single tear - this Marine just wants your attention! Through all of your ups and downs, victories and defeat, you’ll always have someone there to be wowed by your every move and admire you through it all. What accomplishment won’t be made better with your #1 fan always looking up at you? Your buddy, your admirer, your rosy cheeked Marine. And no one will fault you if you give in and flash an approving thumbs up every now and then at your screen.

To choose your favorite, log in with your account and submit your choice in the poll below. The portrait with the most votes by will be available to players once the patch is live!

That wraps up our short communique. Don’t forget to vote and let your friends on Twitter know which portrait you chose with the hashtag #SC2PortraitPick. In the meantime, GLHF in the Koprulu Sector!

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