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Legacy of the Void : Allied Commanders Preview

Legacy of the Void : Allied Commanders Preview

Allied Commanders is coming soon as part of StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void, bringing with it a variety of open-ended cooperative experiences to explore and conquer.

Choose Your Commander

In Allied Commanders, you play as one of the many heroic leaders in the StarCraft II universe. Each with an arsenal of various powers and abilities and a select group of unit types which you may use to compose your army. All of these tools make playing each commander a unique experience.

Terran commanders bring mighty war machines like the Hyperion to battle, Zerg commanders control mighty heroes like Kerrigan, and Protoss commanders call down destructive abilities from their ships in high-orbit. You’ll be able to choose which style suits you best.

Missions, Objectives, and Difficulty

You’ll encounter missions that take place across a number of vastly different worlds with a variety of objectives. Your objectives may vary from defending massive planetary fortresses from annihilation, to interrupting the supply lines of Amon’s Hybrid forces.

Many of these missions would be impossible alone, but now they can be overcome through effective teamwork and collaboration with your ally.

Additionally, before starting any mission, you’ll be given a choice of difficulties to choose from. This allows you to customize your experience to suit your current skill level. 

And if you’d like an extra challenge, you’ll also have opportunities to complete bonus objectives within the missions. Attempting these can add significant difficulty to the missions, but with greater risk comes greater reward, and you’ll find the payoffs for these missions to be much greater!

Unlocking New Units and Upgrades

As you complete missions in Allied Commanders, your commanders will reach higher levels, unlocking new units and upgrades for you to use on the battlefield.

These range from things as simple as calling down a squadron of vehicles, to complete and utter devastation wrought by an endless barrage of massive orbital bombardments. With your full suite of powers, you may find yourself able to best even the most daunting of challenges, but only if you include effective teamwork!

We’re incredibly excited to bring Allied Commanders into the Legacy of the Void, and we hope you’re excited to take on its unique campaign challenges with a friend! We’ll be looking to offer more information on this new mode in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out!

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