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Discover the Future of Blizzard Engineering and with Two Free BlizzCon Videos

Discover the Future of Blizzard Engineering and with Two Free BlizzCon Videos

At BlizzCon 2019, we gave people a glimpse at the efforts of the engineers who bring Blizzard’s experiences to life—along with a preview of the new beta some of those engineers have been working on! We’re really excited by their work and the future of and wanted more of you to be able to see it and celebrate with us; to that end, a pair of videos from the archives are now available to watch free.


CodeCraft: Exploring Blizzard Engineering provides insight into the experiences and projects of Blizzard engineers, straight from the people working in the code themselves. Hear about the paths that led them from the beginnings of their careers to their place on the BlizzCon stage and the unique responsibilities and challenges they take on day to day. This Q&A panel features people who’ve worked at Blizzard from six months to nearly 18 years, providing a wide range of perspectives on what it’s like to craft code at the company.


The All-Access Interview with Andy Simonds and Dan "Shoe" Hsu from & Online Products showcases the fresh redesign and content coming to Anyone can check out the beta now simply by enabling it through the app (Settings > Beta). 

If the subject of either of these videos excites you, you can view engineering roles and jobs on the team at Blizzard. Some of the most passionate people at Blizzard trace the start of their careers here back to their first BlizzCon. We look forward to having you join us in creating epic experiences!

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