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50% XP Bonus Event Incoming!

50% XP Bonus Event Incoming!

The drums of war are calling, and Alliance and Horde troops alike have begun their march toward the mountains. We want to prepare you for your upcoming trials in Alterac Pass with a 50% XP Bonus event. However, battles are rarely won or lost alone—especially in Alterac. You’ll need to gather your closest comrades-in-arms and complete Heroes of the Storm matches together in order to earn bonus XP during this event.

XP Bonus Event Details

  • When: The XP Bonus event kicks off the week of June 12 and lasts until July 9.
  • How: Party up with one or more friends to earn 50% bonus XP for each match you complete during the event.
  • Game Modes: Versus A.I., Quick Match, Unranked, Heroes Brawl, and Team League

Whether you choose to align yourself with the Horde or the Alliance, we hope you’ll train hard, fight honorably, and earn as much XP as possible while this bonus is active. Stay frosty, and we’ll see you in Alterac!

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