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Brawl with the Blues: TURN IT UP with Blaze

Brawl with the Blues: TURN IT UP with Blaze

Suit up and move out! It’s time to take the battlefield by storm with your squadron leaders Derek “DunkTrain” Arabian and Jade Martin, the designer behind the new StarCraft warrior Blaze! During this episode of Brawl with the Blues, DunkTrain and Jade are planning to carve a fiery path through the Nexus. Expect some in-depth talk about strategies for Blaze, as well deep looks at his Abilities, Talents, and more.

Let's Burn!

During the show, our daring hosts will fuel up with a few sizzlin’ snacks that’ll be sure to turn up the heat before each game. Will these tongue-searing treats light up a string of fiery victories in the Nexus, or cause their win-rate to go up in smoke? 

Check out what they’ll be chomping on during the stream, and be sure to join us on Twitch to feel the burn:

  • Round 1: Skittles – Sweet Heat Edition
  • Round 2: Da Bomb Ghost Pepper Nuts and Katie’s Ghost Pepper’d Beef Jerky
  • Round 3: Sonoran Spice Carolina Reaper Gumballs
  • Round 4: Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce on a tortilla chip
  • Final Round: Orange habanero peppers

It's Barbeque Time

Don’t get caught in the backdraft! Click the banner below to join our cookout and learn more than you can handle about Blaze.


Get ready to fight fire with fire, because we’re headed to the front lines on Thursday. Until then, we hope you have a blast with Blaze!


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