Heroes of the Storm

Weekly Collection Update: April 25 - May 2, 2017

Weekly Collection Update: April 25 - May 2, 2017

We’re introducing Weekly Collection Updates to the Nexus with the arrival of Heroes of the Storm 2.0. Every Tuesday, we’re going to place a number of Heroes on sale, and swap a fresh set of cosmetics into the featured item rotation. Check out this week’s items and then head in-game to pick up anything that catches your eye.


Hero Sales

We’re placing a number of Heroes on sale at a discounted Gem price each week, which means it’s easier than ever to add new faces to your Hero Collection. Future Collection Updates will typically contain discounts for two Heroes, but in celebration of Heroes 2.0 launch, we’ve placed five Heroes on sale this week.

Heroes Gem Price
Azmodan 150
Gazlowe 150
Zagara 250
Murky 312
Sgt. Hammer 312


Featured Items

We’ve added several Skins and Mounts to this week’s featured item rotation, meaning they’re available for Gem purchase for a limited time*. 

Featured Skins
Cobalt Mecha Tassadar
Cruel Queen of Ghosts Kerrigan
Frost Emberlord Zul’Jin
Emerald Thunder Guard Zarya
Rosy Deputy Valla
Zergy Pajamathur Abathur
Featured Mounts
Rainbow Unicorn
Dominion Ghost Speeder
Horde Dire Wolf

*While these items are only unlockable using Gems for a limited time, you will still be able to forge them using Shards after they leave the featured item rotation.


New Items

The following new items have been added to Heroes of the Storm, and will be available for purchase using Gems for a limited time. The Bundles and Skin Packs below will then be removed from the Collection, but individual Skins can still be forged using Shards.

New Skins
Oni Genji Sakura Auriel Cyberdemon Zarya
Vengeful Oni Genji Spring Sakura Auriel Indigo Cyberdemon Zarya
Moss Oni Genji Scarlet Sakura Auriel Cyborgdemon Zarya
New Bundles and Skin Packs
Genji Heroic Bundle
Sakura Auriel Skin Pack
Cyberdemon Zarya Skin Pack


Be sure to head to the official Heroes of the Storm website every Tuesday, or keep an eye on your Blizzard launcher, to check out our latest Weekly Collection Update.


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