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Zarya Hero Week

Zarya Hero Week

"I am the strongest woman in the world!”

- Zarya, Defender of Russia




Aleksandra Zaryanova is one of the world's strongest women, a decorated veteran in the war against the Siberian omnium, and walking devastation with a particle cannon. Boldly defying gravity in the gym and expertly manipulating it on the battlefield, Zarya, Defender of Russia, will lift your team to new heights as the newest Hero to join the Nexus!

Read on for a breakdown of a few of her talents, a spotlight video, and some tips and tricks around drafting Zarya, Defender of Russia!



Talent Highlights:

storm_ui_icon_dehaka_essencecollection.pngPinpoint Accuracy – Good play should be rewarded. With Pinpoint Accuracy, landing the perfect Particle Grenades will grant 40% bonus damage, potentially turning a good shot into a great kill.

storm_ui_icon_dehaka_burrow.pngUnstoppable Competitor -  Zarya thrives in the heart of battles. Granting Unstoppable for 1.5 seconds when activating Personal Barrier, Unstoppable Competitor allows her to get up close and personal with the enemy team without fear of being locked down by crowd control effects.

storm_ui_icon_dehaka_brushstalker.pngGain Train – Gain Train works overtime to provide Zarya with exactly what her team wants in a fight, team survivability and massive damage. Providing an untalented shield to a nearby ally when you cast Shield Ally, Gain Train will speed up energy gains and protect your team from some potentially critical damage.


Friends and Foes:

Works well with:

Malfurion_120.jpg    Zarya helps shore up one of Malfurion’s biggest weaknesses: burst damage.  Malfurion’s heals over time will continue to renew everyone’s Health behind the safety of a shields, making the whole team very hard to kill.  

Illidan_crop.jpg Illidan loves dive partners, and Zarya adds the extra tankiness that Illidan love.  Since he thrives on aggressiveness, he makes a great shield target, as he can dive deeper and give Zarya a ton of energy in the process.

Anub_Crop.jpg Also another great shield target for Zarya due to his propensity to dive into the enemy team.  Zarya also pairs nicely with him because they shore up the other’s weaknesses as a solo-Warrior (Zarya lacks disables and Anub’arak has lower Health).

Struggles Against: 

Chen_Crop.jpg    Zarya’s lack of disables from the Warrior position makes her team have a difficult time consistently interrupting Chen’s Fortifying Brew.

Lunara_Crop.jpg While Zarya’s shielding is great against predictable burst damage, she struggles against damage over time and area of effect damage.  In addition, Zarya doesn’t have the lockdown necessary to really punish the fast moving Lunara.

Zagara_crop.jpg Zagara’s pushing potential gives Zarya a hard time, as she can’t consistently get high energy to allow her to adequately clear the waves pushing into her base.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this detailed look at Zarya, Heroes. We’ll see you in the Nexus! 

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