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April Fool's - In Beta: Nexus Lane View!

April Fool's - In Beta: Nexus Lane View!

Champions of the Nexus: we've heard your feedback, your ideas, your hunger for more Heroes of the Storm. And more than any question of balance or mechanical tweaks, more than any new Hero requests or evocative skin ideas, the question we hear most often from the strongest voices in the Heroes of the Storm community is: “Can I zoom in farther on your official website?”

We can finally tell you the answer to that question. Yes. Today, we’re proud to announce a way to zoom in so far, you’ll zoom directly into the Nexus.

That’s right: Nexus Lane View.

Explore each pixel of your lane up-close to identify prime movement space. Discover convenient hiding spots. Substantiate the argument that your last game loss was the map's fault. Nexus Lane View was conceived for use on websites and mobile devices, with a purpose we can only describe as “indispensable” for Heroes of the Storm players of all skill levels.

But NLV isn’t just available on familiar digital formats in dire need of more zooming. It’s also ready to help you leave the physical world behind, and zoom toward bold new horizons.

We’re entering an age of virtual reality, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t use that technology everywhere it was even remotely possible. Inspired by the manifold interactive realms VR has already conquered, Nexus Lane View will offer you radical new ways to experience Heroes of the Storm virtually: by letting you plant your perspective waist-high in an empty Battleground; soar past objectives, and experience the rush of imagining a Minion wave from ground level (we recommend rapidly moving your head to simulate combat).

If you're thinking, "that sounds like a project that’d be in development for years," you’ve made an incisive point… and yet you’re also completely wrong! You can join the Nexus Lane View Beta Test RIGHT NOW!

Follow these instructions:

Desktop or Smartphone: navigate to the Dragon Shire Battleground page, scroll down to the map view, and place Murky on your desired viewing area.

To enable NLVVR: navigate to Dragon Shire Battleground page, scroll down to the map view, place Murky on your desired viewing area, and activate your VR device.

NLV functionality is currently only available on Dragon Shire but we have big plans for it, so keep your eyes on this page. We’ll have much more to share about Nexus Lane View very soon!

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