Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of The Storm Exhibition: Evil Geniuses

Heroes of The Storm Exhibition: Evil Geniuses

To follow-up on our recent announcement for the Heroes Exhibition Tournament at BlizzCon this year, we’d like to introduce you to the teams and the players who will be battling it out for glory. Our final team is Evil Geniuses:

We took the time to ask Evil Geniuses and the players a couple of questions about everything Heroes and BlizzCon. You can catch the Q and A below.


Blizzard: Which of your teammates is most likely to show up in a cosplay of their favorite hero while on-stage at BlizzCon?


Faye: Most likely to cosplay… not sure. Most wanted? Keylax, as Falstad. He has a bit of an obsession with that hero so it seems fitting to have him cosplay it while on-stage.

IdrA: Keylax has promised us a Brightwing cosplay to match his bright, bubbly personality.  

Keylax: Probably LZ as Illidan, he just loves the hero so much.


Blizzard: What is the team’s favorite Battleground and why?


Faye:Dragonshire. Reason being, it's just a really fun and fast paced map, there is rarely not something to do. There are constant fights even in the early game over shrine control and multiple mercenary camps to bounce between. It gets even better as the game goes on, because you can play around the objectives and gain advantages by knowing where your opponent will be or won't be. So, it's really fun to read your opponent and take wins like that.

Also, you can play as a Dragon Knight that can punt people.

LzGamer: My personal favorite map is probably Cursed Hollow and why?? Because, if I said anything else, the Raven Lord might put a curse on me!

Chillatech: Competitively would be whichever map our team has the best win percentage on. Personal preference would be Blackheart’s Bay purely because of Blackheart’s dialogue throughout the match.


Blizzard: We’ve already asked the other teams, but we want to hear your response! You’re in the final game of a Bo3. The opposing team has indicated they want to backdoor and go for the win. Your team is on the opposite side of the Battleground and need to decide between going for a backdoor or defending your Core. What does your team do?


Keylax: All in to show them we are afraid of nothing. They will surely back out in response, but it will already be too late.

IdrA: We'd waffle around and then back 2 seconds too late. Our decision making could use a little work.

Lzgamer: YOLO ALL DAY! Here is what we will do, we will push their core with bloodlust while I go back to base and drop a void prison down on our core so it can't take damage. EASY WIN!


Blizzard: Besides playing in the matches at BlizzCon, what else is the team looking forward to?


Faye: It's the first Blizzcon for some of us so I think we're just looking forward to seeing everything we can at the event

Chillatech: Overall, I think we’re all looking forward to meeting each other and hanging out. We chat every day and play long hours at night but most of us have never met in person before. On a more personal level, my wife and I love the Korean food in LA area and are definitely going to be stuffing our faces while we're there :).

Keylax: Hanging out and meet other people of the community.


Blizzard: We’re all here to have fun at the event. But, if you were allowed to choose one team to play, who would it be (Fnatic/Evil Geniuses/Cloud 9/Team Liquid)?


Keylax: Team Liquid for sure!

Chillatech: Is it okay to have some lighthearted banter with this? First round I’d like to play Fnatic or Cloud9 since I heard some of their players are a bit newer to Heroes of the Storm than some of the other teams that have existed in the Alpha. I also promised a friend we’d crush them because of that ;).

For the finals, I’d love for it to be us vs Team Liquid so I can prevent my buddy LiquidDunkTrain from blowing that train whistle of his! So I named all the teams, sorry for failing at a multiple choice question that has no right answer.

IdrA: Fnatic. Most of our team is new to lan and I'd like us to have a warmup before we play vs Heroes players.

Lzgamer: Team Liquid in the finals.

Faye: Fnatic because I want to see how they can function as a team with Naniwa and Sase. I don't think they will function as a team with those two, but still... I want to see it first hand, in game.


Blizzard: Thanks for spending some time with us. Any shoutouts?


LZgamer: Thanks for having us! You can follow any one of us on our Twitters. Also, a few of us do stream and you can check us out at the following locations:  





Chillatech: I want to give a shoutout, first and foremost, to my wife Liz who has supported me while I spend countless hours playing and practicing. Also want to give a shoutout to my friend Ricky and the rest of my teammates.


Catch Evil Geniuses as they face off against other strong teams in the upcoming BlizzCon competitive exhibition matches on November 7 and 8. Stay tuned, in the coming days, for more information at HeroesoftheStorm.com


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