Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of The Storm Exhibition: Cloud9

Heroes of The Storm Exhibition: Cloud9

To follow-up on our recent announcement for the Heroes Exhibition Tournament at BlizzCon this year, we’d like to introduce you to the teams and the players who will be battling it out for glory. Next up is Cloud9 and their roster:

We took the time to ask Cloud9 and the players a couple of questions about everything Heroes and BlizzCon. You can catch the Q&A below.


Blizzard: Which of your teammates is most likely to show up in a cosplay of their favorite hero while on-stage at BlizzCon?


Cloud9: Bischu (Roller Derby Nova)


Blizzard: What is the team’s favorite Battleground and why?


Cloud9: Cursed Hollow, because it involves the most strategy and planning along with teamwork. The map forces teams to either choose between going for the tribute or putting pressure on the map by going for mercenaries or pushing lanes. The tribute spawn point forces a lot of 5v5’s to happen because it eventually gets to a point where both teams need to stop one another from getting the tribute.


Blizzard: We have a scenario that we’ve been asking all the teams: You’re in the final game of a Bo3. The opposing team has indicated they want to backdoor and go for the win. Your team is on the opposite side of the Battleground and need to decide between going for a backdoor or defending your Core. What does your team do?


Cloud9: Depending on the situation and the how the lanes are shoved; If the lanes are shoved against us we’ll be forced to defend. Unless we have enough damage with our team composition to go for a counter-backdoor. It’s all based on the dynamics’ in-game; it’s tough to make “in the heat of the moment” decisions.


Blizzard: Besides playing in the matches at BlizzCon, what else is the team looking forward to?


Cloud9: Meeting all the fans and building friendships with the other players. Most of us have played Blizzard games in the past so we expect to have a great time at the event.


Blizzard: We’re all here to have fun at the event. But, if you were allowed to choose one team to play, who would it be (Fnatic/Evil Geniuses/Cloud 9/Team Liquid)?


Cloud9: Fnatic, C9 has a history with Fnatic and we’d like to see it continue across other games.


Blizzard: Thanks for spending some time with us. Any shoutouts?


Cloud9: Shoutouts to Logitech, HyperX, Alienware, NeedForSeat and Blizzard for supporting us.

Catch Cloud9 as they face off against other strong teams in the upcoming BlizzCon competitive exhibition matches on November 7 and 8. Stay tuned, in the coming days, for more information at HeroesoftheStorm.com

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