Heroes of the Storm

Hallow's End 2014 Skins

Hallow's End 2014 Skins

Earlier this month we shared a number of new skins that were under development, and with Hallow's End upon us, three of these skins have emerged from the shadows to strike terror into the hearts of the denizens of the Nexus: Countess Kerrigan, Skelethur Abathur, and our first Heroes of the Storm Legendary Skin, Infested Tychus!

These Hallow’s End skins are now available in our in-game shop, and they will be in the shop for the foreseeable future. You can take a closer look at them in the turn-around video below....if you dare!

We hope you enjoy seeing these spooky new skins, and make sure to let us know which sinister selection is your favorite in the comments below!

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