Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of The Storm Exhibition: Fnatic

Heroes of The Storm Exhibition: Fnatic

To follow-up on our recent announcement for the Heroes Exhibition Tournament at BlizzCon this year, we’d like to introduce you to the teams and the players who will be battling it out for glory. Our next team is looking to do well at the exhibition. Without further ado, here’s Fnatic and their roster.

We took the time to ask the players a couple of questions about everything Heroes and BlizzCon. You can catch the Q&A below.


Blizzard: Let’s be honest, all the heroes are quite fun. Have there been any scenarios where multiple teammates wanted to play the same hero in a match? What’s the deciding factor in who gets the hero?


AceofSpades: We take our shirts off and fight, this game is a hero brawler so we try to embrace the genre.


Blizzard: That sounds . . . aggressive! How has practice been going? Feeling confident?


Sase: We started practice as soon as the Technical Alpha came up again. Before that, I just practiced myself and not with these guys and this is a team game so it doesn’t matter too much about my individual skill. It feels great to play with four guys I have a lot of respect for.

So, when we put this team together we wanted to give every community a little bit of the best. Time will tell if we succeed or not. But once again it's time to practice until our fingers bleed. With AceOfSpades leading and teaching us I'm sure we got chances to make it to the top of the podium!


Blizzard: We have a scenario that we’ve been asking all the teams: You’re in the final game of a Bo3. The opposing team has indicated they want to backdoor and go for the win. Your team is on the opposite side of the Battleground and need to decide between going for a backdoor or defending your Core. What does your team do?

AceofSpades: If they try to backdoor, it usually means that they are in a better position to finish the game than you, often your only choice will be to go back and defend.

Blizzard: Besides playing in the matches at BlizzCon, what else is the team looking forward to?


Lamia: Everyone is a huge fan of the individual Blizzard franchises and can’t wait to hear about upcoming content updates and possible new releases and teasers.


Blizzard: What is your favorite Battleground to play on and why?


Sase: I love both Cursed Hollow and Dragon Shire because the objectives feel both fun and important to do. Dragon Shire is the best and most balanced map up to date in my opinion. It also reminds me of some kind of 'capture-the-flag' game from when I was a child :).


 Blizzard: Thanks for spending some time with us. Any shoutouts?


Lamia: Thanks to Fnatic and Blizzard for making this possible and thanks to all the fans who are excited to take a look at the competitive scene of Heroes, which offers a fresh and new take on the genre. Shoutouts to all our sponsors, who helped us supply so quickly for the tournament: Steelseries, MSI, EIZO, Azubu, King of Shaves, Avast and DXRacer.

Catch Fnatic as they face off against other strong teams in the upcoming BlizzCon competitive exhibition matches on November 7 and 8. Stay tuned, in the coming days, for more information at HeroesoftheStorm.com

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