Next Stop on the Hearthstone Masters Tour: Seoul, South Korea!

Next Stop on the Hearthstone Masters Tour: Seoul, South Korea!

April 28 is the final qualifier for Masters Tour Las Vegas! That means we’re onto the next Masters Tour location. From May 7-June 30, Masters Qualifiers will open up for our next stop; Seoul, South Korea! Widely considered the epicenter of esports, there is no better place to throw a massive Hearthstone tournament. With $250,000 on the line, plus additional prizing from the soon-to-be-announced Esports Bundle, the competition is guaranteed to be heated!

Given South Korea’s vibrant history of competitive gaming, we thought it best to take the Masters Tour straight to its heart—a giant LAN Cafe! In case you don’t know what a LAN Cafe is, it’s simply a place that provides computers with internet access to the public that are commonly used for gaming. VRIZ PC Cafe will host Day 1 and Day 2 of the Swiss bracket on August 16 and 17, while the Finals will be played live at the famous OGN Studios on August 18!

How to Qualify

First things first, check out the Masters Tour Seoul event page. Here you can find more information about the tournament rules, schedule, and recommended accommodations. From there you can browse the full list of Masters Qualifiers that feed into the event on Battlefy, where you can pick and choose which Masters Qualifiers you want to participate in at a time that is convenient for you. Registration for each Masters Qualifier will open two weeks prior to the start of each tournament.

For those lucky enough to attend the HCT 2019 World Championship, the first three 224-person Masters Qualifiers for Masters Tour Seoul will take place on site—one each on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday! You can find more information on the on-site Masters Qualifiers here.

Ranked Ladder tournaments held in May and June will also qualify into Masters Tour Seoul. You can find the official rules for Masters Qualifiers and Ranked Ladder Tournaments here.

Good luck, have fun, and we hope to see you in Seoul!

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