Malto’s Guided Tours: One Night in Karazhan (Heroic)

Malto’s Guided Tours: One Night in Karazhan (Heroic)

Greetings, friends!

It is time to relive the biggest party Azeroth has ever seen! The mighty mage Medivh has invited us to his home, the enchanted ivory tower called Karazhan, for a truly unforgettable night. I, for one, could use a night off to unwind from our last adventure with the League of Explorers. . . .

Shuffle your decks and lace up your dancing shoes, because we’re heading out for One Night in Karazhan! As we boogie our way through Medivh’s enchanted tower, be sure to enjoy the bewitching entertainment and delectable delights! Have fun by all means, but stay sharp—the magic that floods these walls has created some exciting challenges, as well as made way for some unwanted guests.

During this celebration, we’ll venture through four levels of the tower. In the Parlor, we will need to deal with a set of ferocious tableware that seems to have acquired a mind of its own. Next, we’ll get up close and personal with some of our favorite stories at the Opera. Once the curtain drops, it’s up to the Menagerie, but rest assured—this is no petting zoo! The Menagerie houses some of Hearthstone’s most dangerous beasts. Finally, we’ll climb to the Spire in search of our gracious host.

Now, let’s not keep everyone waiting. Especially ourselves—I don’t want to miss out on the snacks!

The Parlor

The Opera

The Menagerie

The Spire

I hope you’re ready to get your groove on! With these tips (and my excellent dance moves), we’ll surely be the life of the party! And remember—the festivities never have to stop, because you can find the Hearthstone Adventures of old on the Blizzard Shop.

You look absolutely ravishing tonight, my dear friend, but I do hope you also have something a bit . . . warmer. Next week, we return to Northrend for some unfinished business in Knights of the Frozen Throne! We have defeated the Lich King before, but this time around, we look to do so with every class.

See you soon!

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