Overwatch Teams Up With Talented Creators for Summer of Music

Overwatch Teams Up With Talented Creators for Summer of Music

Music has always been an integral part of Overwatch. Each map location in the game has its own unique soundscape, meticulously crafted by the Blizzard Music team, that helps bring the atmosphere to life. We know that our players are also passionate about music, listening to many different genres and styles, as well as creating their own compositions.

With the recent release of the Overwatch: Cities & Countries music album, and the launch of Sigma’s Maestro Challenge in-game event earlier this week, we’d like to take Overwatch’s celebration of music even further and involve some incredible talent from across Europe for our Summer of Music.

We’ve teamed up with musical content creators and asked them to come up with their own versions, mixes, or covers of the songs from the Overwatch: Cities & Countries album and other signature Overwatch music. A beatbox crew, keyboard and guitar players, electronic dance music DJs, a multi-instrumentalist duo, and an electric quartet… people with varying styles and backgrounds and different creative approaches will come up with their own riffs on the game’s soundtrack. You can find out more about all the talented creators participating in Summer of Music below.

Throughout the next few weeks, these musicians will be publishing Overwatch content on their own channels, and we’ll be updating this page as it rolls out. Be sure to watch this space and follow the official Overwatch social media channels, as well as the below listed creators.

We’re excited to kick off Summer of Music today with an amazing beatbox performance from Berywam, a globally acclaimed international group, who’ve put their own spin on the game’s Victory music theme. You can check out the video here and below!

During our Summer of Music, you can also log in to Overwatch and take on Sigma’s Maestro Challenge from July 14-27 to earn exclusive player icons, a legendary emote, and the legendary Conductor Sigma skin. Watch participating content creators on Twitch to earn new sprays as well.

Remember to check out Overwatch: Cities & Countries, the soundtrack featuring music from various in-game locations, on playoverwatch.com/music.

Summer of Music Content Creators:


Berywam is an international award-winning beatbox crew whose members have been crowned French beatbox champions in 2016 and World beatbox champions in 2018. They received worldwide acclaim after their participation in the TV show Americas Got Talent in 2019.

Sophie Lloyd 

Sophie Lloyd is a rock and metal guitarist from London with an exciting and innovative new sound and incredibly catchy compositions. She creates original music, shred versions of popular songs, and occasionally covers video game music.

Amadeus EQ

Amadeus is one of the most appreciated all-female electric quartets worldwide. Their constant and ingenious combining of classical and modern elements has cemented this group as one of the most loved bands in the realm of crossover music. 


Davidlap is an Italian multi-instrumental musician, who particularly enjoys playing guitar. He is known for his impressive skills in recreating various sound-effects with his guitar – including those from video games – or for playing bass with his feet while simultaneously nailing a blues guitar solo with his hands.


Sountec is an Austrian electronic dance music DJ and producer who regularly organizes unique live music performances with different DJs on his YouTube channel. He impresses his audience with outstanding mixing and live mashup skills. Sountec not only selects the tracks, but also the right parts, creating a unique, perfectly coordinated DJ set.

French Fuse

French Fuse are Jerry and Ben – two friends who formed a multi-instrumental duo to compose, produce, and arrange electronic music. With their signature look of hats and sunglasses, they have always enjoyed mashing up and remixing music for fun, and this passion became viral.

Patrik Pietschmann 

Patrik Pietschmann is a keyboard player, arranger, and programmer from Germany. He creates piano arrangements of popular current soundtracks, combining his live piano playing with the visualization of music material by programming his own software.

Henri PFR 

Henri PFR, 24, is the hottest new sensation of the Belgian electro scene. His fresh and unique sound earned him multi-gold and platinum awards as well as a total of 7 D6bels Music Awards, making him the most awarded artist at the Belgian Music Awards. In 2019, Henri PFR entered DJ Mag Top 100 at #97 and became a UNICEF goodwill ambassador. He was confirmed to perform this summer on Tomorrowland’s mainstage for the 4th time.

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