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Blizzard Dance and Cosplay Contests at gamescom 2018

Our world-famous dance and cosplay contests will be back this year at gamescom 2018. Visit the Blizzard booth in Hall 7 of the Koelnmesse in Cologne, Germany from August 21-25, and don’t miss your chance to take part! You’ll find the details below.
Inside Blizzard
Jun 25

Blizzard European Gear Store Grand Opening

The Blizzard Gear Store is open in Europe!
Diablo III
Jun 15

Season of Greed Sweepstakes

We're giving away gaming machines fit for Greed herself! Learn how to score one in our helpful blog.
May 16

BlizzCon 2018 Benefit Dinner Tickets Sold Out

Tickets to this year’s BlizzCon Benefit Dinner for CHOC Children’s are now sold out—stay tuned for more information on the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket in the coming months.
Inside Blizzard
May 15

Blizzard at gamescom 2018

The world’s largest interactive entertainment event is coming back to Cologne, Germany this summer… and we’ll be there!
May 12

Second Batch of BlizzCon Tickets Sold Out

The second batch of tickets to BlizzCon 2018 is now sold out. Keep an eye on the BlizzCon website for updates on events, tournaments, Virtual Ticket info, and more.
May 11

Reminder: BlizzCon 2018 Tickets – Second Batch On Sale This Saturday

If you didn’t manage to get tickets to the main event at the Anaheim Convention Center yet, you'll have another chance to get your hands on some this Saturday, May 12 starting at 19:00 CEST. , when the next batch goes on sale.
May 10

BlizzCon 2018 Tickets – First Batch Sold Out

The first batch of BlizzCon 2018 tickets is now sold out, but you'll have another chance to snag some when the second set goes on sale Saturday, May 12 at 19:00 CEST.
May 4

BlizzCon 2018 Reminder: Tickets to the Main Event On Sale Thursday

Get ready for action: the first batch of tickets to the BlizzCon 2018 main event goes on sale Thursday, May 10 at 04:00 CEST at
Inside Blizzard
Apr 19

Blizzard Balance Gifting Now Available!

You can now send your friends Blizzard Balance through the Blizzard Shop, making it even easier to give the perfect gift!
Apr 9


Blizzard’s celebration of games, esports, and community returns! Tickets to the main event, taking place at the Anaheim Convention Center on November 2 and 3, will go on sale Wednesday, May 10 and Saturday, May 12, 2018.
Diablo III
Mar 27

AH, FRESH DISCOUNTS! – Save Up to 50% Off Diablo III

What’s better than FRESH MEAT? Fresh discounts, of course! Whether you’re starting or continuing your journey in Sanctuary, enjoy savings of up to 50% on Diablo III for PC / Mac, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
Diablo III
Feb 13

First Look: Season 13

Our next Season is fast approaching! Discover what rewards await you.
Diablo III
Jan 26

Season 12 Ending Soon

The end of Season 12 is upon us. Here's a quick refresher on what the end of the Season means and what to expect going into Season 13.
Diablo III
Jan 16

PTR Server Slam - We Need Your Help!

We’re experimenting with game service updates, and we need you to join us on the PTR to test it out!
Diablo III
Dec 28

The Darkening of Tristram

Our anniversary event is fast approaching! Prepare to face mysterious cultists and enter a portal into Diablo's past.
Diablo III
Dec 22

Hell for the Holidays – Great Savings on Diablo III

There’s something in the air this time of year, and we think we know what it is: fire and brimstone! Give your dearest friends the gift of demon-slaying with great savings on Diablo III on select platforms.
Diablo III
Dec 19

Welcome to Challenge Rifts

Challenge Rifts give players the opportunity to try out challenges with a class and build they might not have ever used. Never played one? Read on to learn about what they are, how to play them, and the rewards you can earn!
Heroes of the Storm
Dec 11

Blizzard Gift Card

Have you ever wanted to give a friend a few Loot Boxes for Overwatch? Or gift that epic Mystic Runesaber mount to your World of Warcraft guildmate? Or a Hero Skin from Heroes of the Storm, or some Card Packs in Hearthstone? Good news! We’ve got you covered with one simple solution — Blizzard Gift Card.
Inside Blizzard
Nov 15

Blizzard® Will Begin Conversion To Local Currency in Canada, Japan, and New Zealand on November 16

Blizzard® users in Canada, Japan, and New Zealand will see prices and account balances switch to local currency starting November 16
Diablo III
Nov 9

Season 12 Now Live

Diablo III Season 12 is now live in all gameplay regions! Learn how to get started with our quick guide.
Oct 31

Grab Your Epic BlizzCon® 2017 Goody Bag

Mark BlizzCon 2017 in style with this year’s BlizzCon Goody Bag, packed with Blizzard collectibles.
World of Warcraft
Oct 31

2017 Pumpkin Contest Winners

The winners of this year's pumpkin-carving contest have been chosen -- and they're monstrously spectacular. We'd like to thank everyone who participated this year, and we can't wait to see your mad scientist skills in action again next time around. Check out all of the creepy, incredible, and creative winning pumpkins here.
Diablo III
Oct 30

First Look: Season 12

Our next Season is fast approaching! Discover what rewards await you.
Diablo III
Oct 27

Double Trouble Incoming – 2x Goblin Buff Begins November 6th

Ready to stretch your muscles before Season 12 begins? Enjoy double Treasure Goblin spawns beginning November 6!
Oct 26

Your BlizzCon 2017 Community Night Host…and Judges!

Community Night takes place Friday night, and this year, we’re doing something a little different: the BlizzCon Talent Contest will be judged live by a trio of special guests!