Warcraft Rumble

Hotfixes: April 24, 2024

Hotfixes: April 24, 2024

Player versus Player

  • Fixed an issue that would cause Cairne Bloodhoof to continuously resurrect when using the Reincarnation talent.
  • Dragon Tower’s AOE should no longer unstealth Minis when attacking a nearby Mini.
  • Rocket Towers should no longer ignore Bubbles such as Murloc Tidehunters’ Safety Bubble.

Faerie Dragon

  • Faerie Dragon’s Phase Shift talent cooldown has been increased. This should allow her to deal damage to ranged enemies before using Phase Shift.

Darkmoon Faire

  • Fixed an issue that would cause Darkmoon Faire Chaos Chests to sometimes spawn too many chickens. This would impact device performance, causing it to slow or lag.

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