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  1. Be prepared—the CraftWars patch is here
    Heroes of the Storm
    Sep 8

    Be prepared—the CraftWars patch is here

    What if we told you it was time to settle who’d win a fight between your favorite Warcraft and StarCraft heroes? Now, what if we told you that you’d be the one to settle that grudge? No more time for hypotheticals—the CraftWars event has arrived in-game today, and the ultimate mashup of StarCraft and Warcraft with it!
  2. Mei Storms the Nexus
    Heroes of the Storm
    Jun 23

    Mei Storms the Nexus

    Armed with her self-designed Endothermic Blaster and joined by her trusty weather-alterering sidekick Snowball, Mei is stepping into the Nexus to put her opponents on ice!