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  1. What's Playing in Late October
    Inside Blizzard
    Oct 14

    What's Playing in Late October

    Marshall Jim Raynor, StarCraft’s backwater lawman turned reluctant interstellar war hero, knows a thing or two about plans, specifically about what happens when plans make contact with the enemy. Raynor has seen more action than most Terrans, and even though he’s seen the chaos of battle more times than he’d care for, he understands the value of going into battle with a plan. And if being prepared is your thing, this blog should help you lay out your gaming schedule for the rest of this month.
  2. What’s Playing in Late September
    Inside Blizzard
    Sep 16

    What’s Playing in Late September

    Gelbin Mekkatorque, Warcraft’s king of the Gnomes and High Tinker of Gnomeregan, is arguably one of the most inventive minds active in Azeroth today. No design is too challenging, no schematic too complex for the gnomes’ beloved leader. Of course, Gelbin is a master planner and extraordinarily organized, so keeping track of everything going is as easy as breathing for him. But the rest of us can use a little help every once in a while to remind us of the big happenings on our gaming calendars.
  3. What's Playing in Early September
    Inside Blizzard
    Sep 2

    What's Playing in Early September

    Every Diablo player knows Deckard Cain has forgotten more about ancient lore than most will ever learn. He is a fount of knowledge who has guided countless heroes on their path with sage wisdom and piercing insight, helping thwart the dark designs of the Burning Hells time and again. Luckily, you don’t need to be a Horadrim to know what the future holds; all you need to do is consult this blog to see what’s coming up for your gaming calendar!
  4. What's Playing in Late August
    Inside Blizzard
    Aug 19

    What's Playing in Late August

    Zeratul, StarCraft’s enigmatic Dark Templar, has seen visions of the distant past as well as many possible futures. Attuned to the ebb and flow of the Void, Zeratul is able to tap into powers us humans can only dream of. But you don’t need Zeratul’s uncanny senses to know what the future holds for your gaming calendar; all you need to do is check out this blog!
  5. Season Five: First Look
    Inside Blizzard
    Aug 5

    Season Five: First Look

    Four new Multiplayer maps, three new Warzone™ map expansions, two free weapons, and one epic Battle Pass highlight Season Five of Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®
  6. What's Playing in Late July
    Inside Blizzard
    Jul 15

    What's Playing in Late July

    Warcraft's Bronze Dragonflight may be masters of time and as such can literally make time to play whenever they want, but the rest of us need to be more strategic when it comes to allocating our gaming hours. If you’re looking for an assist with that, we’ve got what you need.
  7. What’s Playing in Early July
    Inside Blizzard
    Jul 1

    What’s Playing in Early July

    There are 23 hours, 56 minutes, and 4 seconds in each Earth day, which can sometimes make squeezing the optimal amount of quality gaming time into your schedule a challenge. But before you pack up and get your ass to Mars, fret not; we’ve got you covered.