Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Season Two of Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® is Live

Season Two of Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® is Live

A legend from the Modern Warfare series, Ghost returns!

Season Two of Modern Warfare brings more multiplayer experiences through maps, modes, and an all-new Battle Pass. Earn rewards to climb through the Season Two ranks with ribbons, challenges, and new missions for Multiplayer and Special Ops.

Rust – Standard Multiplayer and Gunfight (Launch Day)
Use the environment for cover and grab the high ground and low ground to take advantage of your enemies on Rust.

Atlas Superstore – Standard Multiplayer (Launch Day)
Go shopping in Atlas Superstore, a new Multiplayer map set in a supercenter warehouse that has been taken over by Al-Qatala forces.

Zhokov Boneyard – Ground War (Launch Day)
A resting place for decommissioned airplanes, Zhokov Boneyard is a Ground War map in Verdansk.

More Game Modes:

Gunfight Tournaments (Launch Day)
Enter this single elimination 2v2 firefight and battle to earn rewards.

Call of Duty League™ Ruleset Playlist (Launch Day)
Fight like the pros in this Call of Duty League ruleset playlist.

Expect additional modes to be available in Modern Warfare playlists throughout Season Two!

Go Ghost with the Season Two Battle Pass

Battle Pass System Free Tiers: The Season Two Battle Pass system features two free weapons: the Grau 5.56 and the Striker 45.

Battle Pass: Purchase the Battle Pass to get access to up to 100 tiers of unlockable content featuring over 100 items you can get by just playing. Unlocked at Tier 0, get Ghost alongside four additional items including a new Operator Mission instantly after picking up the Battle Pass.

Battle Pass Bundle: You can also buy the Battle Pass Bundle which grants access to up to 100 unlockable tiers and includes 20 immediately activated Tier Skips. 

Get more details on the Battle Pass system and the Season Two Battle Pass on our blog.

New Trials

Quad Race (Launch Day)
Hop on an ATV and finish the race as fast as possible.

Fire in the Hole (Launch Day)
Toss as many frags on target as possible within the time limit.

Price’s Alley (Launch Day)
Sharpen your decision-making and eliminate the enemy as you face waves of hostiles mixed with civilians.

Behind Enemy Lines (Launch Day)
Find and eliminate all hostiles in the area of operations as quickly as possible.

The Modern Warfare Battle Pass Edition

Have yet to drop into Modern Warfare?

The digital edition includes the following:

  • The full game
  • 3000 CP* - enough for the Season Two Battle Pass Bundle and more
  • A in-game Combat Knife with a custom skin
  • XRK Weapons Pack

Visit and select the Battle Pass Edition as well as your preferred platform and region to get the game, then download and start playing.  


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