What’s Playing on News and notable events in late May 2023

What’s Playing on News and notable events in late May 2023

While you prepare to conquer whatever challenges lie ahead, take a moment of respite to read up on the latest beats from your favorite games.

Prepare for new adventures in Diablo Immortal, decide the galaxy’s fate in Overwatch, unleash chaos in Warcraft Arclight Rumble, and more.

Every two weeks, we help you catch up on all things by highlighting new content, developer updates, and “don’t miss” occasions to help you hit important dates and maximize each in-game moment.

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Diablo Immortal

Get ready to raise Hell—Diablo Immortal is turning one

To commemorate the game’s first anniversary on June 2, we’re adding a slew of new additions to Sanctuary.

  • A celebration of Diablo IV’s launch will be held in Immortal, bringing the Merciless Monstrosity event, Children of Lilith Battle Pass, and Hatred’s Heritage Phantom Market to the game in early June
  • The next chapter of the Main Questline arrives in mid-June, along with a new PvP Zone Event, Side Quests, Bounties, and enemy types
  • A new Class is coming to Sanctuary, bleeding fresh blood into the Diablo universe in July

Check out this update blog to learn more about the content coming over the next two months.

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Exploring a new universe in Starwatch: Galactic Rescue

  • To create the space-operatic vibe of the latest Overwatch event, the team converted Horizon: Lunar Colony into the Infinite Galactrius, Galactic Emperor Sigma’s flagship
  • Features like the outdoor moon terrain, color palette, and unique traps were altered and added to give the ship a more sinister feel
  • Changing the game’s usually bright and hopeful atmosphere into something much darker was a significant undertaking, but it also allowed developers to experiment with moodier art and environments

Learn more about how the team transformed Starwatch’s map in this new design blog.

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Diablo IV

Combatting Sanctuary’s demons with accessibility

In an effort to improve the accessibility offerings within Diablo IV, the team added over 50 individual accessibility features to aid players that struggle with dexterity, reading text, vision, and more.

[Learn more]

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Save the date—BizzCon is coming in November

After four years of online gatherings, it’s time to gather in person once more at the Anaheim Convention Center for BlizzCon’s grand return on November 3-4.

[Learn more]

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Warcraft Arclight Rumble

Beta Update 0.9.5 has arrived

Experience PvE improvements, try new Talents, explore the latest Zones, and—most importantly—cause even more chaos now.

[Learn more]

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World of Warcraft

In development: Fractures in Time

While adventurers breach Neltharion’s secret laboratory in Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible, the next content update is making its way onto the PTR.

  • A new damage specialization for dracthyr Evokers, Augmentation, will arrive with the next content update
  • Dawn of the Infinite, the upcoming Mythic-only mega-dungeon will take you across the timeways to stop the Infinite Dragonflight’s latest nefarious plot
  • Grab your allies to tackle Time Rifts, push back against the waves of minions, and plug the hole to set the time streams straight again
  • Aid staff at the Little Scales Daycare, and guide give dragon whelps as they grow and learn about the dragon flights, earn Renown, and more
  • The Warlock class will become available to nine more races

Learn more about all of the content arriving in WoW’s next update in this development blog.

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