Warcraft Rumble

Warcraft Rumble: Arclight Surge Now Available in Beta

Warcraft Rumble: Arclight Surge Now Available in Beta

It's time for Arclight Surge! Twice a week, two previously defeated Zones will overload with Arclight energy and create new challenges for you to overcome. Update 0.9.3 also comes with many accompanying changes to progression along with continued Mini tuning adjustments.

Arclight Surge

Are you ready to get your Surge on? Twice a week, you’ll get to dive back into two of the Zones you’ve defeated previously for some extra rewards. An Arclight Surge lasts for 3 days, with Surges beginning alternatively on Sundays and Thursdays.  

Each surge will alter two Zones—one with a map-wide Surge modifier, and one will replace your army with a combination army of two families featuring Minis from these two families. This gives the player an army that breaks conventional rules. For a start, each army has 2 leaders! As players progress, these armies will grow to eventually contain every Troop from those two families! 

What About the Shinies? 

Arclight Surge will serve as the primary way players can earn extra Coins in Rumble.  

Each Surge Mission awards 40 Coins when defeated and is affected by the Coin bonus from the Arclight Booster. You’ll also receive end-of-game experience for the army you currently have equipped. 

Take note, while a Zone is in a Surge, Conquest will be unavailable for that Zone. It will become available again once the Surge has been cleared by completing it or when the day resets, and new Zones enter the rotation for the next Surge. 

Premade Army Types 

Each Surge will feature a 2-family combination army that you will use to defeat all 5 maps in that zone. These armies have a leader from each family and as you progress through the game will eventually grow to contain every Mini from those two families. That’s an army with over 20 Minis in it! With the 5 families offered in Rumble, this creates 10 new combination armies and will let you play with Minis you have yet to collect. 

Map-Wide Modifiers 

You’ll need to stay on your toes and be able to adapt your strategy quickly to account for the various modifiers within the map. Here’s what you can look forward to: 

  • Bloodsport: All Minis gain Bloodlust. 
  • Ding!:  Minis level up each time they are played. 
  • Dragon's Hoard: Gold Mines and Treasure Chests regenerate Gold very quickly. 
  • Gilded Armaments: Kobolds gain 10 levels when Mining Gold. Minis gain 5 levels when opening a Chest. 
  • Glass Cannons: All Minis deal double damage and have half health. 
  • Overclocked: Triple Income (Passive Gold income increased to 300%.) 
  • Sappertime:  A pair of Sappers spawn at each base every 15 seconds. 
  • Towers of Power: Towers and Meeting Stones are upgraded!  

Arclight Surge Schedule 

Here’s what you can expect for the first month’s modifiers.

Schedule Army Types Modification
16 October 2022 Undead/Beast Bloodsport
20 October 2022 Beast/Blackrock Dragon’s Hoard
23 October 2022 Blackrock/Undead Ding!
27 October 2022 Undead/Horde Towers of Power
30 October 2022 Horde/Blackrock Overclocked

Check out the patch notes for a full list of changes in the 0.9.3 update, and don’t forget to smash that button to unleash some chaos and start your next rumble! 

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