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Patch 4.8.3: Lowko Announcer

Patch 4.8.3: Lowko Announcer

Simon "Lowko" Heijnen, a tremendously passionate contributor to the StarCraft community, is not only an amazingly consistent video producer, a charismatic streamer and an enthusiastic caster; he’s also a remarkably upbeat, chill and humble guy you could just be friends with and share StarCraft tips (and cheesy jokes). Lowko often participates in major events and you can always be sure that he’s having fun, either it’s broadcasting from the Blizzard booth at Gamescom, or casting for HomeStory Cup. Reflecting his winning personality, his voice pack is full of energy and positivity, passion for all things StarCraft and genuine Dutch charm.

We are very happy to welcome Lowko to our family of community announcers and would like to present samples of what you can expect to hear:





The Lowko announcer pack will be available for purchase in the ‘Collection’ tab with the release of patch 4.8.3. Feel free to say GG to Lowko by tweeting him at @LowkoTV and as always, ‘don’t forget to smile’.
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