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Introducing Diablo Immortal’s Newest Class: Tempest

Introducing Diablo Immortal’s Newest Class: Tempest

In a time of ever-growing danger for the world of Sanctuary, mysterious wanderers have sailed from the frigid mists of the north to push back the darkness that surrounds us. These agile, dual blade-wielding warriors harness the fury of the storm, and crash upon their enemies with wind and waves. Will you become one of them? Or will you fight alongside them? The Diablo Immortal team is proud to introduce the game's eighth class: the Tempest.

Catch your first glimpse at the Tempest in our newest cinematic trailer here, and become the storm on May 23:

Keep your eye trained on the gathering storm ahead for a deep-dive on Tempest, including an look at their unrelenting abilities and a new short story from senior narrative designer Ryan Quinn.

May the wind be at your back, and the sea at your grasp.
-The Diablo Immortal team

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