StarCraft II

April Fools: Carbot Zergling Co-Op Commander

April Fools: Carbot Zergling Co-Op Commander

Carbot Zergling

Our newest Co-op Commander offers bold new gameplay and a friendly, easy-to-love appearance. Armed with an adorable expression and a ruthless thirst for combat, the Carbot Zergling will speed into your opponents' hearts, as well as their bases.

Though only a lowly member in the zerg's massive army, the Carbot Zergling is a heavy hitter when it comes to laughs and vicious surprises. Recreate the magic of your favorite Carbot shorts by watching the Carbot Zergling scamper across battlefields while plotting your opponents' doom.

  • Recommended for players with an excellent sense of humor
  • Crush your foes with punishing attacks like Lick and Tail Wag
  • Embody the might of the Swarm while occasionally making really ridiculous facial expressions

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