StarCraft: Remastered

StarCraft: Remastered Patch 1.22.0

StarCraft: Remastered Patch 1.22.0

Greetings Cerebrates, Commanders, and Executors,

Patch 1.22.0 has arrived! This patch features a new Ladder, updated profile UI, and ramp art for mapmakers.  

Features and Improvements

New Ladder

For a more in-depth ladder overview please visit: New Ranking System

  • Season 1 is now live!
    • Players will begin the new Season unranked. After 5 placement matches, they’ll be placed into a league.
    • Frontier League data will help determine pre-placement MMR.
  • Note: The placement algorithm will be in continual iteration as we obtain more and more data.
  • We’ve implemented a new rank-based League System familiar to long time veterans of Brood War.
    • S – Top 1% of players
    • A – 7%
    • B – 21%
    • C – 21%
    • D – 21%
    • E – 21%
    • F – 8%
  • Note: The percentage-based system will take effect in two weeks. In the interim, distribution will be based off Frontier League data.
  • MMR decay has been added to S Rank.
  • New Rewards for Season 1
    • Anyone who logs in during Season 1 will receive an exclusive portrait.
    • After being placed into a league, players will unlock a corresponding colored portrait border.
      • Players can toggle the border on and off in the Collections tab.
    • Players who reach the S, A, or B leagues will earn unique portraits.
      • S league players will receive an animated portrait.
  • New Seasons UI
    • Easily identify your performance metrics in current and past seasons.
    • View your wins and match history.
    • View global winrates by race for each map in the ladder map pool.

  • Updated competitive Map Pool
    • (2) Blue Storm 1.2
    • (2) Heartbreak Ridge 2.1
    • (2) Polaris Rhapsody 1.0
    • (3) Aztec 2.1
    • (4) Roadkill 1.13
    • (4) Circuit Breakers 1.0
    • (4) Fighting Spirit 1.3


  • New ramps for the editor!
    • 18 new ramps in 8 different directions
    • The width of each of the new ramps can be extended to the mapmakers liking.
    • 1-4 ramps per tileset: Ash, Badlands, Jungle, Desert, Ice, Twilight, Installation and Space Platform.
    • Ramps are also compatible with SCMDraft 2.


  • Updated Collections UI
    • Show off your ladder status by displaying your league colors!
      • (S) Gold
      • (A) Red
      • (B) Purple
      • (C) Blue
      • (D) Turquoise
      • (E) Green
      • (F) White
    • Easily equip console & building skins and toggle portrait borders.

Bug Fixes

  • Dynamic turn rate will stabilize before allowing network latency changes.

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