Heroes of the Storm

Li Li Hero Week

"Take Me with You!"

- Li Li, World Wanderer

Li Li is the niece of Legendary Pandaren Brewmaster Chen Stormstout, and she enjoys exploring strange new places, meeting new people, and kicking bad guys in the face! She hails from the Warcraft universe, and in Heroes of the Storm, Li Li takes on the role of a positional Support that protects her allies by throwing out healing brew and blinding enemies. This spunky Pandaren has more than a few tricks up her sleeve, so you’ll want to stick close by her on your adventures in the Nexus!


Born upon Shen-zin Su, the Wandering Isle, Li Li Stormstout led a somewhat uneventful life until she began reading the journals of her Legendary uncle, Chen Stormstout. Soon, nothing would sate her desire for adventure, exploration, and pestering adventurers around Halfhill. Though Li Li’s father Chon Po didn’t approve of her wanderlust, in time she began to chronicle her explorations in a travel journal, which included a risky venture into a forbidden area of her island home. In time, Li Li chose to leave the Wandering Isle behind in order to start an adventure of her own, and was later joined by her uncle Chen. Together, they searched for (and discovered) their fabled homeland, Pandaria.

  • "Blinding Wind" [E] is a fantastic ability to use when opponents engage your teammates. The ability will block auto attacks from your enemies.
  • When using push compositions, choose "Jug of 1,000 Cups" [R] to keep your allies at maximum health.
  • Li Li’s Combat Trait, "Fast Feet," is incredibly powerful in both offensive and defensive measures. Use it to setup a kill with "Water Dragon" [R] or flee from a chasing enemy.

"I’m not lost. I'm just exploring in a different direction!"

Li Li’s starting skin in Heroes of the Storm is bright and full of spunk, just like she is!

The newest Li Li alternative skin we're revealing is one that any worldly explorer (or insect-catcher!) is sure to appreciate!

  • Explorer Li Li - The Explorer’s League is known for their progressive stance on accepting members of all species into their ranks. If you’ve got a heart that longs for adventure and discovery, you’re in!

The original concept art for Explorer Li Li!

"As an explorer, it's my duty to learn everything I can about the Nexus.
So what if I have to bash a few skulls along the way?"

- Li Li, World Wanderer

  • Li Li is the niece of Legendary Pandaren Brewmaster Chen Stormstout!
  • She believes that life is an adventure!
  • Li Li was born upon Shen-zin Su, the Wandering Isle. This island is actually a great sea turtle that roams the oceans of Azeroth!
  • Li Li and her brother Shisai were trained in the martial arts from a very young age.
  • Li Li once ruined a musical she was participating in by falling asleep behind the stage’s curtains.
  • The mystical Pearl of Pandaria showed Li Li a vision of Pandaria under the fog, prompting her to search for their fabled homeland.
  • Li Li was inspired by the writings of her uncle Chen, and chronicled her own explorations in a detailed travel journal.
  • Patience is not one of her virtues.
  • “Okay, so, I'm all like, "Hey, what's up?" and you're like, I'm gonna poke you and I'm all, "Whacha doin'?" and you're like, I'm gonna keep poking you and I'm like, "Seriously?" an' you're all just like poking me? Like, what's your deal...” – Li Li Stormstout


Since Li Li’s introduction leading up to World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria, many talented artists have sought to illustrate this energetic and passionate Pandaren. Below are five fantastic pieces of fan art featuring Li Li Stormstout, which were submitted by talented artists from around the globe.

"Li Li" by Primmly "Not Sleepy Uncle Chen…" by Sara ‘Lavannah’ Thorsten

"Li Li Stormstout and the Brewbender" by Ghostwalker2061

"Stormstout and Cloudsinger" by SketchyBailey "Welcome to the Valley" by Karn Kirk Ratanasin (kkr22)

"Let’s Drink, No War” by Breathing2004

Li Li’s curiosity and thirst for adventure and has had a profound impact on recent events within the Warcraft universe. If you’re interested in learning more about Li Li and the fantastic world she inhabits, make sure to check out the following related content featuring this spunky Pandaren:

You can check out some official art and screenshots featuring Li Li Stormstout below:

"You can say uncle all you want, but Chen won’t save you!"

We hope you’re enjoying Li Li week! What’s been your favorite part so far, and what else would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below!

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