Trailblazing the Road to Northrend!

Trailblazing the Road to Northrend!

Update: We’ve temporarily disabled the Road to Northrend Tavern Brawl to address gameplay issues, and swapped in Pick a Hand, Any Hand for this week's brawl. We’re working to get the Road to Northrend brawl back up and running soon.

The League of Explorers, now well-aware of Rafaam’s plan to channel the Plague of Undeath on Galakrond’s skeletal remains, must make haste to the frozen wastes of Northrend. Fortunately, the Explorers now have a mage among them who can conjure a portal. Unfortunately, that mage is Reno Jackson.

Time is of the essence, and the League of Explorers will need your help to swiftly navigate a precariously random route while Reno practices his portal accuracy. With some perseverance and luck, Reno may eventually get the Explorers to Dragonblight in time to disrupt E.V.I.L.’s sinister scheme.

The Unpredictable Journey Ahead


At the start, you’ll choose a hero from the League of Explorers, well-equipped with a powerful deck and plundered treasures from the Tombs of Terror. Then, make your way through various zones in Azeroth at the mercy of Reno’s unstable portals, each with a Boss to defeat. If you do stumble along the way, Bob’s tavern has a cozy seat by the hearth waiting for you to rest and recover at.

Practice Makes Perfect

While the other Explorers have their familiar Hero Powers from Uldum, Reno is taking every opportunity to get a handle on portal conjuring. For the first fight, he’ll have his regular Hero Power. After that, his Hero Power will become “Practice: Cast a random portal with random targets”. Reno at your own risk!


At the end of each run, your score will be tracked by the time you take to reach Northrend and the number of stops at the tavern. Additionally, for completing the Road to Northrend tavern brawl, you’ll earn a Classic Card Pack. This tavern brawl will be available until January 22.


With that, it’s time to don your favorite exploring hat and get started (maybe dress in layers, too, for wherever Reno’s portals take you). Good luck on the Road to Northrend!

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