Host a Super Sciencey Shindig for the Launch of The Boomsday Project!

Host a Super Sciencey Shindig for the Launch of The Boomsday Project!

It’s time for science! Are you ready to host your own super sciencey shindig in celebration of The Boomsday Project’s very own big bang launch moment?

Send invites out, via email, mechanical chicken, psionic beam, or gloop launcher, and make sure all your friends know! Celebrate the launch of The Boomsday Project by hosting or attending a Hearthstone Fireside Gathering!

Host a Fireside Gathering Release Party for The Boomsday Project!

Kick things off by heading over to FiresideGatherings.com and submitting your event details. Make sure to be very specific so your friends and fellow townsfolk can find your Fireside Gathering! Once your application is submitted, we’ll review your event and let you know if it’s been approved. Remember to hold your Fireside Gathering in a place that’s accessible to the public!

Requesting a Support Kit

It’s easy to do science if you have the right equipment! Request a support kit full of pins, plushies, and other goodies by registering your event between now and August 2. Supplies are limited, so there’s no guarantee that all registered events will get a support kit! While you can host Fireside Gatherings at any time during the year, this round of support kits will be available only for select events taking place between August 2 to September 2.

Finding Lab Partners

What’s the best way to enjoy the weird liquids, suspicious smokes, and glorious explosions of science than with a group of fellow scientists? Find yourself a lab partner (or two, or four) by visiting FiresideGatherings.com to search for local celebrations near you.

If you’d like an additional lab assistant in the warlock Hero Nemsy Necrofizzle, make sure you visit a tavern that’s already established and complete a Fireside Brawl there. You can tell if it is an established Tavern if it has a unique Tavern Sign.

Innkeepers who want to establish their taverns can learn more about that here.

The Boomsday Project Celebration Support Kit Requirements

If you’re interested in getting a celebration support kit, make sure you meet the following criteria:

  • Host your Fireside Gatherings at a location accessible to the public, like a café, restaurant, local game store, observatory, or science center.
  • Schedule your event at FiresideGatherings.com so other players can find out about it.
  • Innkeepers requesting a support kit must be 18 years of age or older.

Celebrate the launch of The Boomsday Project today!

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