Noblegarden is Coming!

Noblegarden is Coming!

Grab a basket and prepare your finest brushes, because Noblegarden is coming next week! Noblegarden is a festival where we gather to celebrate the joys of life and friendship by in-egg-splicably dyeing eggs in bright colors and hanging out with rabbits. It’s gonna be egg-cellent!

The tavern will be decked out in its Noblegarden best, Hearthstone heroes will greet each other with festive emotes, and we'll have a celebratory Tavern Brawl too! Allow us to egg-splain.

Hatch a Login Reward

If you log in while we’re celebrating Noblegarden, you’ll receive a golden Eggnapper and a golden Devilsaur Egg, on us!


Everybunny Get in Here

In this egg-citing Tavern Brawl you’ll gather with other Hearthstone players to celebrate the season by dyeing eggs. One egg will spawn for you each turn, and you’ll get to use a deck of colorful dyes and special Noblegarden cards (plus 10 random Class cards) to decorate it. Each dye applies a different buff, and at the start of your next turn your eggs will hatch into something cute. Or a bunny, if you didn’t use any dye (which is still pretty adorable).


Use your loveable hatchlings to egg-sterminate your opponent with cuteness!

We’ll be celebrating Noblegarden from May 10 through May 13 while the Everybunny Get in Here Tavern Brawl lasts, so don’t miss it!

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