Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

El lote de operador de Knight no se anda con tonterías.

El lote de operador de Knight no se anda con tonterías.

Following a failed military career, Knight finds himself looking for an employer who won’t mind if he knocks a few heads in his line of work.

Available now in Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty®: Warzone™, Knight joins the Warsaw Pact via the “Knight Operator” bundle. This bundle features everything you’ll need to muscle the NATO allies into submission, including the Knight Operator himself.

Read on to learn more about Knight and his fall from grace, plus details on all the content included in his featured Operator bundle.

Knight operator

Meet Knight

Full Name: Roman Gray

Date of Birth: 09/15/1937

Faction: Warsaw Pact

Blood Type: O+

First Language: English

Service: Ex-MI6, Perseus

At age 18, Roman “Knight” Gray enlisted in the Army, which was the start of a long and violent military career. Five years later, he was deployed to the Congo as part of the UNOC (United Nations Operation in the Congo) peacekeeping force. Wounded during the Siege of Jadotville, Gray was held as a POW for a month. Upon his return, he was promoted to sáirsint (sergeant), a bright beginning to a soon tarnished reputation.

The following year, Gray was demoted to ceannaire (corporal) following the violent disciplining of a subordinate, and the year after that, was dishonorably discharged for starting a fight with a superior officer.

In 1965, Gray was recruited by MI6. Fragments of poorly redacted CIA documents suggest he may have been involved in several extrajudicial killings of high-ranking members of foreign intelligence agencies. Later it was discovered that Gray was responsible for the wet-works training of an MI6 operative captured during a failed assassination attempt against Soviet leadership.

His MI6 career was terminated in 1980, when Gray was dismissed from service due to “conduct unbecoming” during SIS/MI6 operations carried out in Afghanistan while supporting mujahideen operations against occupying Soviet forces.

His career in shambles, Knight turned to Perseus. Given free rein to exact his vengeance on everything NATO, he gleefully enlisted.

Black Knight Bundle

Bundle Intel: The Black Knight

Violent and aggressive, Knight is not shy about his role as the muscle in Perseus. Before he speaks a word, you’ll feel his presence as he enters battle in the gear of a modern-day black knight. Gain access to Knight by purchasing the “Knight Operator” bundle, featuring Knight and two Legendary Weapon Blueprints with dismemberment effects, the “Kingmaker” Assault Rifle Blueprint, and the “Sweeping Conquest” LMG Blueprint.

As well as giving you access to Knight’s default “Brute” Skin, the “Knight Operator” bundle also features an Animated Calling Card, “Storming Raider” Emblem, “Langskip” Weapon Charm, “Bird of Prey” Finishing Move featuring Knight’s “Snow Hawk” pet companion, and the “Choke Point” Reticle. Knight isn’t one for subtlety.

Visit the in-game Store now to purchase the “Knight Operator” bundle and get started on your quest for dishonor. The Knight has arrived. Whose side are you on?

Execute the mission.

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