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In Development: Looking Ahead to Embers of Neltharion

In Development: Looking Ahead to Embers of Neltharion

The stage is set for more adventures within the Forbidden Reach in the 10.0.7 content update. But much more is taking shape beyond those island shores as we delve deeper into the Dragon Isles with the next content update—Embers of Neltharion.

New Zone: Zaralek Cavern

Gather your courage as you venture into this mysterious underground cavern, where you’ll explore, undertake new quests, meet intriguing new denizens, and experience new Dragonriding updates. Players will also encounter new rare and elite creatures and claim new treasures.

Deep beneath the Obsidian Citadel from which Neltharion once defended the Dragon Isles lies a vast hidden laboratory where the Earth-Warder conducted experiments... forbidden practices he wanted to conceal from the other Aspects. Within these halls lies the shadow chamber from which Neltharion first communed with the Old Gods, walking a path that would one day lead to his transformation into Deathwing.

While Raszageth has been defeated, the Primalists carry on in their bid to unravel all the Titans have wrought and must forge new alliances–or rekindle old ones.  As the heroes of Azeroth pursue enemies into the dangers of Zaralek Cavern, they are aided by the local inhabitants found under the Dragon Isles — the molefolk known as Niffen and the Drogbar. They may not know much of the surface wars, but their knowledge of the underground is key to players and their allies finding their  footing within.

New Raid Dungeon: Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible

Breach Neltharion’s secret laboratory hidden within Zaralek Cavern. It is here that he created the dracthyr and ultimately succumbed to the whispers of the Old Gods and their corruption.

Players will face nine new raid bosses in an effort to thwart the incarnates as well as Scalecommander Sarkareth, whose forces seek to claim the legacy of the dracthyr.

Normal, Heroic, and Mythic difficulties will release simultaneously, and new class sets will be available to earn within this truly epic new raid dungeon.

New Rewards: Tier Sets

More Dragonriding

New traits, glyphs, and races will become available as you ride your drake through Zaralek Cavern and a new mount—the Winding Slitherdrake—can be earned along with its customizations as you continue your journey.

Dragonflight Season 2 Mythic+

Dragonflight Season 2 adds the remaining Dragonflight dungeons along with additional dungeons from previous expansions to the Mythic+ rotation, including:

  • Brackenhide Hollow
  • Halls of Infusion
  • Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr
  • Neltharus
  • Freehold, Battle for Azeroth
  • The Underrot, Battle for Azeroth
  • Vortex Pinnacle, Cataclysm
  • Neltharion’s Lair, Legion

New seasonal affixes are in development and will be available for testing later as a part of the PTR cycle.

There’s more to come as we enter the next phase of development for Dragonflight. Keep an eye on the official World of Warcraft news site for more details.

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