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Get Ready to lay Siege to Stormwind!

Get Ready to lay Siege to Stormwind!

Established well over a thousand years ago, Stormwind is the beating heart of the Alliance and a significant part of Azeroth’s history. Stormwind is known for its distinctive white stone walls and different roofing materials, which stand out from the others in each district.

On May 29, you and a guildmate can battle against General Marcus Jonathan at the gates of Stormwind, challenge Innkeeper Allison at the Gilded Rose Inn, and throw hands with Highlord Bolvar Fordragon in Stormwind Keep.

Siege Bosses: 3
Sigils Required: 90
Maximum Level: 22*
Minimum Level:

  • General Marcus Jonathan: 17 - 18
  • Innkeeper Allison: 18 - 19
  • Highlord Bolvar Fordragon: 19 - 20
*Players above level 22 will be synced down.


Stormwind Siege will be available from May 29 at 11 a.m. PDT to June 5 at 10:59 a.m.

Initial Schedule:

  • Siege
  • Raid
  • Off Week

Regular Schedule:

  • Siege
  • Off Week
  • Raid
  • Off Week



Marcus Jonathan is a general of Stormwind City and High Commander of Stormwind Defense. He can be found sitting atop his mighty steed at the gates of Stormwind. He will do anything to ensure that all who march through the gates can do so in peace.

He became aware of a possible incoming threat to Stormwind. In response, he set up barricades and has reinforcements at the ready.



Innkeeper Allison is beloved among the patrons of Stormwind City. She is known for her hospitality, refreshing drinks, and holiday spirit. Don’t underestimate her; she will use everything in her grasp to protect Stormwind.



The venerated paladin, Bolvar Fordragon, is a trusted protector of Stormwind City and the royal family. Bolvar will use the truth and virtue of the Light to defend Stormwind Keep against those who wish to do harm.



Use Valor to upgrade a Gold Army Slot to Diamond. Diamond Army Slots will grant +4 levels to a Mini.

General Marcus Jonathan

200 Valor

Innkeeper Allison


Mega Leader Tome

Highlord Bolvar Fordragon


Wildcard Slot

The Wildcard Slot will affect the third slot of a Leader’s army and allows any Mini placed there to activate the trait bonus for additional levels.

Players will ONLY receive rewards themselves for clearing raid battles for the first time, once per raid cycle rotation. Players can re-clear raid fights within the same cycle up to two additional times to help fellow guildmates, though they themselves will not earn duplicate rewards. Earnable rewards will refresh when the Stormwind Siege returns in a few weeks.

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