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Claim Victory in Season 6 to Unlock New Rewards!

Claim Victory in Season 6 to Unlock New Rewards!

Season 6 of Warcraft Rumble is coming in HOT! Senior Animator, Carin Huurnink, is here to share details about what you can expect to see in Season 6 and a preview of what the team has been working on for Season 7.

Stormwind Siege


Are you ready to lay siege to the Alliance city of Stormwind in this co-op adventure? On May 29, you and a guildmate can battle against General Marcus Jonathan at the gates of Stormwind, challenge Innkeeper Allison at the Gilded Rose Inn, and throw hands with Highlord Bolvar Fordragon in Stormwind Keep.

Claim victory over Stormwind by defeating Highlord Bolvar Fordragon to unlock the new Wildcard Slot.

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Molten Core Raid

molten core Key art.png

If you skipped leg day, you’d have a Molten Core too! On June 5, grab a guildmate and dive into the warm and inviting lava pools of Molten Core. Battle against all the fearsome foes some may expect to see in Molten Core: Lucifron, Magmadar, Baron Geddon, and so many more! Defeat Ragnaros for the ultimate prize: Ragnaros as a Leader. Just because he’s mini doesn’t make him any less fearsome. Hopefully, your opponents are wearing their brown pants.

Not prepared to go toe to toe with the Firelord himself? Strengthen your army by defeating Lucifron and Magmadar in Wing 1 to unlock the new Boost Slot.

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New Mini and Emotes


Offense or defense – why not both? Use Earth and Moon, Warcraft Rumble's newest spell, to turn the tides of battle. Every time a Cenarion Mini is played, this hybrid spell will swap between Starfall for elemental damage or Entangling Roots for an area root that also applies poison.

Beginning May 29, Earth and Moon will be available in the guild War Chest, PvP, or three Store offers.

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Shop Updates


In Season 6 and beyond, we hope to continue diversifying the offers catalog seen in the Special Offers section, improve offer timing, and work towards more personally relevant content for each player. We’ve retired some of our recurring weekly offers this season and introduced two new zone offers.

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Season 7 Preview

On July 10, we will introduce more Cenarion Minis, two new Leaders, and three new Troops! Players can explore the serene and peaceful zone of Moonglade to unlock new rewards.

Recent Warcraft Rumble News

  • Check out the Season 6 Patch Notes for the latest changes.
  • Silas Darkmoon and his Darkmoon Faire started setting up their tent and offering marvelous prizes every other week.
  • When Darkmoon Faire is out of town, you can take on Blingtron’s Bounties. Complete challenges, earn Shinies, and exchange your Shines for rewards of your choice.
  • Faerie Dragon blinked into Rumble in Season 5 and will become available in the G.R.I.D for Season 6.

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